Worlds first Sensgear® circuit-breaker

Implementation of the innovative vacuum switching technology in combination with a digitally enhanced circuit-breaker for transmission grid operator (TSO) ENEA.
March 2020

Entering the 110 kV voltage range of TSO ENEA with Blue circuit-breaker

The small hydropower plant Żur in the northern part of Poland was first commissioned in 1927. Due to an increasing demand of energy its output level of 7 MW required an increase of the transmission voltage level up to 110 kV. To reach a higher voltage range and to keep up the substation’s operation the installation of a new circuit-breaker became necessary. The customer decided to install Siemens Energy’ new 3AV1 circuit-breaker. The Blue circuit-breaker is currently available for voltages of up to 145 kV. It is based on the proven vacuum switching technology in combination with the environmentally friendly and CO2-neutral insulation media called Clean Air. The vacuum chamber stays reliable and powerful even with frequent switching operations. To meet the customers technical approach the circuit-breaker had also to be digitally enhanced as Sensgear®.

Adding transparency, enhancing productivity and advancing product intelligence

The future substation connects the hydropower plant Żur with the 110 kV grid of the polish transmission grid operator ENEA - one of the biggest utilities in Poland. With the Blue Sensgear® circuit-breaker a robust cloud-connectivity is integrated, providing the customer with near real-time information mainly on gas density, temperature conditions, switching operation count and breaker position. All data are accessible via cloud-connection from all over the world with any mobile device or computer.

We are proud of the close cooperation with our customer, who granted us full access to his cloud data for the exchange of experience and co-creating advanced functions.
Dr. Ulf Katschinski, Head of the business unit Switching Products and Systems of Siemens Energy Transmission

Installation of a digital circuit-breaker without CO2 emission

Siemens Energy’ Blue Sensgear® circuit-breaker for a hydropower plant in Poland, which combine the two trends decarbonization and digitalization, paves the way into a sustainable approach for a substation of the future. With Sensgear® Siemens Energy is offering its customers connective transmission products, utilizing data for the optimization of grid operations and business decisions.

As an energy provider, we have a social and environmental responsibility. That is why we are happy to invest in order to make our substation even more reliable and eco-friendly. Furthermore, a monitoring system is included in the intelligent circuit-breaker, which allows us to better control our assets. This intelligence serves as an important step towards digitalization that makes us well-equipped for the future.
Maciej Domżalski from ENEA

UN sustainability goals

As a leader in innovations with comprehensive, connective and sustainable portfolio, Siemens Energy Transmission is supporting the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals number 3 “good health and well-being”, 7 “Affordable and clean energy”, 8 “Decent work and economic growth”, 9 “Industry, innovation and infrastructure", 11 “Sustainable cities and communities”, 14 “Life below water” and 15 "Living on land".

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