Decarbonization and Sustainability Modernization & Upgrade Solutions

Achieve emissions and sustainability goals with limited modification to your existing assets while meeting operational requirements

Decarbonization and sustainability goals can be achieved in many ways, and require different levels of investment and modification to existing plants and equipment. To help you achieve your goals, Siemens Energy offers reliable, well-proven solutions under six focus areas that can deliver significant impact but that require limited modification to existing assets.

Efficiency Mod Solutions

Better efficiency and heat rate resulting in fuel consumption and operational cost saving

Emission Reduction/Control

Reduce and/or control different type of emissions directly or indirectly

Fuel Transition & Flexibility

Run existing assets with green fuels (e.g. Hydrogen) and other alternate fuels per local requirements

Digital Services

Reduce emissions directly or indirectly and improve sustainability

Electrification & Heat/Steam to Power

Switch from carbon-fueled to non-carbon fueled assets or waste heat recovery

Operational Flexibility

Operate assets across wide range of operating conditions and throughput needs

Deep Dive

Your Assets and Our Potential Solutions

Explore our range of solutions, resources and expertise for your assets and plant setup, to help you make the best decisions to meet your decarbonization and sustainability goals.

Other Available Resources

A quick look at additional resources to help you make decarbonization and sustainability decisions.

Success Stories - Focus Areas

Learn more about how our customers are succeeding along their decarbonization and sustainability journeys through implementation of Siemens Energy solutions.
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