Orlando Innovation Campus

Under one roof — technology, engineering expertise and collaboration.

The Orlando Innovation Campus (OIC) is a custom engineering solution provider that helps industry and small businesses by rapidly prototyping solutions for business challenges, testing the return on investment for new ideas, and producing end-to-end solutions. Our 30,000 sq ft facility is made up of an Innovation Center, Technology Application Center, and an Additive Manufacturing Application Center.

Innovation Center – Orlando

The Innovation Center – Orlando is one of the four Siemens Energy Innovation Centers around the globe. It is a dedicated collaboration and ideation space for Siemens Energy employees and customers to discuss ideas, concepts, and future projects.


Innovation is an essential part of Siemens Energy’s goal to create energy systems that are reliable, secure, sustainable, and affordable. The Innovation Centers are designed to help this effort by developing new products, solutions, services, and business models based on their Five Fields of Action.

5 Fields of Action

Converting renewable power electro- chemically into higher value products.

The conversion of electrical energy into a form in which it can be stored until converted back.

Using various technologies to enable more efficient electricity networks – especially with large amounts of volatile energy.

Improving the generation from heat with substantial reduction toward zero or negative emission of greenhouse gases.

Using digital advancements to expand our service offerings and increase customer value.

Customer Collaboration Space

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Technology Application Center

Our Technology Application Center is a one-of-a-kind workspace for accelerating the development of projects and solutions through expert collaboration, rapid prototyping, and testing.


We house over 17 robotic arms, various metal and plastic 3D printers, internal and external scanners, and a state-of-the-art machine shop equipped with the latest technology in digital machining.


Our team is made up of mechanical, electrical, automation, software, and non-destructive evaluation engineers including CNC programmers and on-site machinists. We offer over 500 years of combined experience in research and development, prototyping, proof-of-concepts, and design for manufacture.

Concept-to-Completion Capabilities

Additive Manufacturing Application Center (AMAC)

The AMAC offers various additive technologies that help reduce lead time, enhance performance, and extend part life.


The metal 3D printers utilize a process called Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF), one of the most advanced and reliable technologies in metal additive manufacturing. This high-end 3D printing technology can be used to:

Our Impact

Our Additive Manufacturing team has a wide range of knowledge and skillsets ranging from design to manufacturing. They have experience supporting multiple projects that benefit the customer by:


  • Minimizing plant downtime during outages
  • Solving customer part shortage with quick turnaround from initial request to delivery
  • Printing on-demand and reducing inventory

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