Customer Technical Support for oil and gas and industrial rotating equipment

Availability and reliability are among the most crucial parameters for the economical operation of your equipment. The potential to achieve high reliability doesn’t just depend on the performance of the equipment itself; it also relies heavily on efficiently managing any operational issues that may occur. By combining the proactive functions of Remote Diagnostic Services and the reactive functions of our Operational Service Desks, we’re aiming to maximize the availability, reliability, and performance of your rotating equipment and machine trains. And this is only possible when there’s a continuous and secure data exchange – and a close partnership with our customers. By averting trips and preventing forced outages – through the early detection of potential faults and preventive remediation – your equipment’s availability and reliability can be increased. 


Proactive and reactive technical support

Our experts from the Customer Technical Support are always there to provide you with dependable solutions derived from their extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in monitoring and diagnosing several thousand connected rotating machines worldwide.

You can access these services with our Siemens Energy Long Term Programs FlexLTP or in a stand-alone contract. 


Benefits of Remote Diagnostic Services

Our experts are committed to help you to maintain and safeguard your assets over their entire lifecycle. Through continuous data exchange, we aim for increasing their availability, reliability and performance.

Check your equipment's health status

We recently launched our web-based customer interface myHealth, enabling you to check your machine’s health status, and access notifications and reports anywhere, anytime. myHealth provides an overview of your important operational KPIs over a variety of time periods, shows you sensor and event data in an interactive way and gives you and overview of all for your assets issued notifications and reports. myHealth runs on mobiles as well as on handhelds and PCs.


Secure Data Collection

With our new data collector, we collect and transfer machine data reliably and securely, meeting high cyber security standards including ISO 27001, IEC 62443 and NERC CIP.
Customer Statement

What our customers say

Key benefits of Siemens RDS are increased availability and reliability, along with improved outage planning and preparation.
Khaled Abbas, Engineering General Manager, El-Nasr Co., Egypt


Download of Technical Article from Oilfield Technology Magazine

Check out how compressor train reliability and availability can be improved by remote monitoring and diagnostics! The Oilfield Technology magazine recently published our article about compressor analytics.