Repair and maintenance with minimal downtime

Factory Repairs

Siemens Energy Power Service coordinates the resources, processes and technology to deliver maintenance and repair with minimal downtime through our global service network. Using the latest repair technologies, you can expect fast and reliable solutions - either on site or using our extensive factory network.


Gas Turbine Repair Network

With major repair facilities strategically located in Europe, Canada, the USA, Saudi Arabia, South America and Asia our highly skilled service specialists are able to provide support wherever you need it. Siemens Energy Power Service also provides an extensive resource of tools and equipment, allocated and dispatched from storage and service centers where they are overhauled, calibrated and prepared for immediate service.


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The benefits of utilizing our global service network include:


Benefit from our global experience

Factories and Service Centers

Bad Hersfeld

Bad Hersfeld, Germany, designs, manufactures and installs industrial fans. The experienced staff for engineering and manufacturing as well as service, guarantees efficient management and technical support for industrial fans worldwide.


The facilities allows for manufacturing of impellers up to 9.500 kW or 5300 mm diameter. The factory is located in the centre of Germany.


  • Worldwide center of competence for large 50/60 Hz gas turbines, with the skill and capacity for production, testing and repairs
  • Production of all large gas turbines 50/60Hz
  • Common location with Service Sales and Engineering for the W Region, combined with hot-gas parts production
  • Maintenance, repair and upgrading of gas turbine series and their components, such as rotors, annular combustors – outer shells – and hubs, turbine and compressor guide blade carriers, inner and mixing casings
  • Refurbishment of complete gas turbines and rotors for revolving change-out programs
  • Fabrication of spare parts with critical delivery deadlines during ongoing inspections and overhauls based on fact-finding inspection results and with dimensions specified by the customer, such as cooling air separation tubes, damping elements (together with MHG), or blade loops
  • Production and procurement of all spare parts in close cooperation with ELOC
  • Development and implementation of customer-specific repair solutions
  • Direct customer business with affiliated plants and with cooperation partners


At the Duisburg site we develop and manufactures innovative compressor solutions – from single machines through to packages and complete compressor trains. The Duisburg portfolio comprises integrally geared and single-shaft compressors of a variety of designs and sizes.

Compressor solutions made in Duisburg are used throughout the world: In the extraction, transport and processing of oil and gas, in the chemical and petrochemical industries, in refineries, air separation plants and blast furnaces. We offer OEM service for the complete range of oil & gas and industrial rotating equipment.

At Duisburg, we employ a workforce of 2.200, including 700 highly qualified specialist engineers. Our trains around 170 apprentices a year in its own training center. This makes us one of Duisburg’s most important employers.


Mülheim, Germany is our primary European location for steam turbine generator development, manufacturing, repair and modification. A highly-trained team of specialists ensures fast and on-schedule performance of steam turbine-generator services, with short total cycle times and customary quality. The team is equipped not only to deal with scheduled routine tasks but also to respond instantly in the event of emergent work.


Nuremberg, Germany offers modernizations for steam turbines and thus to extend the life-time of your plant. Furthermore, the own service workshop enables us to continuously improve repair technologies and to manufacture spares parts and footprint turbines. Our dedicated field service engineers guarantee quick and reliable fault repairs as well as commissioning.The comprehensive machinery as well as the available manufacturing know-how of the Nuremberg site allows offering the following services:

  • Complete manufacturing and repair of rotors and guide-blade carriers independent of the steam turbine design, including mechanical rivet of rotor shrouding bands
  • Manufacturing of rotor and guide blades for steam turbines
  • Complete manufacturing and repair (incl. qualified/certified welding technology combined with heat treatment) of turbine, bearing and valve housings as well as of all other cubic components
  • Assembly and disassembly of complete steam turbines and steam turbine components
  • Quality management and inspection by
    - Using state-of-the-art measuring technology
    - Destructive and non-destructive material testing, e.g. ultra-sonic inspection, magnetic particle inspection test
  • High-speed vacuum balancing:
  • Welding including heat treatment according to current process regulations


Oberhausen, Germany is our service location for industrial fans. It includes spare parts, inspection & repairs, revamps and field service activities up to a full overhaul of complete fan installations.

The experienced staff for engineering as well as service, guarantees efficient repairs and modification for fans (worldwide). Manufacturing will be executed in Bad Hersfeld.




In Zweibruecken, in the head office of TLT-Turbo GmbH, there is also located the Service department for TLT axial flow fans with variable pitch during operation.Experienced staff handles inquiries, spare-part and repair orders from all over the world. Assembly-and start-up staff for the fans of Zweibruecken and Frankenthal is also sent from Zweibruecken. The manufacturing of spare parts and the repaires / revisions of fans and fan components is done in the facilities of the Siemens Turbomachinery Equipment GmbH in Frankenthal.


The Central Tool and Instrument Facility is located in Atlanta, Georgia. With close proximity to three major highways (I-75, I-85 and I-20), plus Hartsfield International Airport, the facility is able to respond quickly to customers needs.


The facility supports Siemens Energy Power Service's Field Service activities by supplying tooling and equipment used during maintenance and repair outages at customer sites – both in the Americas and elsewhere around the world. It features inside storage and shop area as well as an equally large area for the outside storage of tool containers.


The Turbine-Generator Service Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, offers a single-source solution for power plants throughout the Americas.


Serving Siemens Energy and non-Siemens Energy systems needs, the center provides a full array of repair services for steam turbines, steam valves, gas turbine components and electric generators and components – for both planned and unplanned equipment outages. Additionally, it is one of the few facilities in the U.S.A. that services nuclear-contaminated components. More than half of the Charlotte Turbine-Generator Service Center space is devoted to service shop activities.

Fort Payne

Siemens Energy Power Service's Electrical Components Plant is located in Fort Payne, Alabama, 55 miles south of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and 90 miles north of Birmingham, Alabama, in the United States.


The plant manufactures new and replacement generator and exciter components including stator coils, rotor coils, parallel rings, retaining ring liners, slot cells, gaskets and insulation products.


The Houston, Texas Service Center is in immediate proximity to air, land and sea shipping arteries. With over 110.000 square feet (10.200 m²) of production space and 100-ton crane capability, the Houston Service Center is well-equipped for the inspection, service and repair of gas turbine components for mature and advanced turbines.


The Houston Service Center provides comprehensive service and repair on combustor diaphragms, vanes, transitions, fuel systems, blade rings and support housings.


The Winston Service Center has a rich history of original equipment manufacture (OEM) and service. The facility began operating as an OEM airfoil manufacturing shop in 1969 and evolved over 40 years, synergizing new parts manufacture and repair technologies. Significant investment has positioned us to operate as a modern one-stop shop for advanced gas turbine repairs and OEM airfoil manufacture.


The centralized location of the Service Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, allows us to support large power customers quickly. With coordinated efforts between our shops in Houston, Texas, and Charlotte, North Carolina, we provide integral support to global customers as well. The facility is staffed with highly skilled personnel experienced in the manufacturing, inspection, service and repair of gas turbine components for both Siemens Energy and Westinghouse mature and advanced large frame turbines.


Yixing serves as an outlet for repairs and service. Employing extensive OEM support and comprehensive service and repair capability, the employees are able to provide the latest repair and upgrade technologies. By utilizing accurate fixtures, they minimize assembly time during outages.


 Repair capabilities:

  • Turbine end – blades, vanes, discs, blade rings, rotors
  • Combustor section – transition, baskets, nozzles, fuel systems, clamshells
  • Compressor – compressor blades, diaphragms, IGVs.


Brno Service profits from close, direct and long-time relations to customers (history of steam turbine production and service in Brno is more than 100 years long). As a result of such relations, the amount of contracts won in the financial year 2006/2007 came close to the amount of 1 billion CZK.


Among the interesting projects ranks the contract for a retrofit of a turbine for Mittal Steel Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina; this turbine was originally produced by Jugoturbina Karlovac, Croatia, (Alstom). The order amounting to ca 6 million EUR shall become the first project of retrofits of “competitor” turbines that are to be within the competence of the Brno Service as the only one in the entire Siemens.


Currently, the Service employs 70 people. Owing to the ever increasing amount of orders, the plan is to increase the number of employees working in the turbine servicing, namely by dozens more in the whole range of professions.


The Zrt. Késmárk street plant, 1158 Budapest Késmárk u. 24-28., Hungary supports field service activities in Hungary and Eastern Europe, and also performs the upgrading of complete power plants and components. Based on a comprehensive analysis with state-of-the-art methods for inspection and a modern, well-equipped workshop, the specially trained team also performs maintenance, repair and inspection services for turbine-generator components (gas, steam and generators) boiler pipings and auxiliary systems such as coal mills.


The Product Lead Centre (PLC) PGI14 in Hengelo offers a variety of services for single shaft compressors. It includes spare parts, inspection & repairs, revamps up to a foot print compressor and field service activities up to a full overhaul of complete compressor installations. The PLC is successfully focused on the Oil & Gas industry and meets therefore high quality standards.

As a natural consequence the PLC offers the disciplines from Marketing Support, Engineering, Supply Chain Management up to Field Service all well coordinated by our Project Management. The PLC is ISO9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001, KTA 1401 and VCA**(SCC) certified.

The Hengelo facility is well known for it’s customer focus and dedicated flexibility, quality and deliver reliability. Although the facility has known different mothers it  operates continuously for over 130 years. At the moment the PGI14 work force numbers approximately 200 employees.

St. Petersburg

A workshop with 10.000 square meters production area and 50 tons crane capability is equipped with necessary machineries and completed with specialists of quality control, service, renovation and manufacturing of all type components. Equipment includes high speed balancing machine for rotors and total assembly of 10 MW gas turbines taken away from compressor stations after approx. 100.000 operation hours.


ISCOSA is an extended repair facility located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. The facility has an on-site vacuum furnace so it is able to provide extended life to critical parts. Most major repairs can be performed in one central facility to minimize repair turnaround times.

Repair capabilities include:

  • Plasma coatings (TBC and MCRAIY)
  • Electro discharge machine
  • Blade and vane repair tooling
  • Chemical strip coating line
  • Robotic support equipment
  • Vacuum furnaces
  • Rotor repair/balancing 191-701D frames
  • Steam turbine, generator and electric motor repairs


The service workshop provides overhauls, spare parts and advanced repair of critical parts for Gas- and Steam turbines. The facility capacity handles turbines up to 200tons. Beside technical competence Finspång has developed a very high flexibility witch gives short service lead-times. The site can also offer technical expertise in design, engineering and R&D capability.

Repair capabilities include:

  • Vacuum brazing
  • Electron beam welding
  • Laser welding
  • Rotor repair/High-speed balancing
  • Recond of combustion chambers and burners
  • NDT-testing incl. x-ray


Siemens Energy Industrial Turbomachinery Ltd in Lincoln, designs, manufactures and installs world-class gas turbines rated from 5-15 MW for Industrial Power Generation and the Oil and Gas Industry and provides life-time support for gas turbines.  Employing 2.000 people, the facility is a major exporter of gas turbines with more than 3.400 units sold and operating in 88 countries.


Lincoln provides its customers with expertise covering all aspects of industrial power plant technology including: research & development, engineering, manufacturing, project management and lifetime product support for installations in power generation and the oil and gas industry. The Company's continued investment in R&D aims particularly to improve efficiencies, further reduce emissions and widen the range of fuels that can be used. We are is a competent and experienced service partner for all replacement parts, repairs, maintenance programs, field service, upgrades and training.


The Newcastle facility focuses on steam turbine generator service and design engineering. It is also equipped to provide comprehensive services to support combined cycle power plants in the UK.


 The facility contains extensive machining, service and test facilities, which cater to the complete overhaul of turbines and generator rotors from small industrial units to the largest utility unit sizes. Full balance and overspeed test facilities are also available. A dedicated team of field service engineers is available to respond rapidly to all requests for assistance, covering both planned and unplanned occurrences.


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