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Services for grid technologies

We keep the world energized

It takes highly qualified services to guarantee the degree of performance, reliability, sustainability and availability required for success in the power business today. We at Siemens Energy conduct services for thousands of high-voltage assets, like switchgear, transformers, FACTS and HVDC substations. Our competence as an OEM, and our huge installed base with a significant variety in applied technology, make us your partner of choice with an unbeatable amount of experience to solve your challenges. Our 24/7 emergency hotline and our global presence guarantee the fastest, most efficient and effective support in the industry.

Energy is nothing without transmission

We keep the world energized-Siemens Energy grid technologies service

A comprehensive suite of services and contract models

We keep your transmission equipment in safe operation over decades.

Discover how each service building block adds significant value to increase availability, reliability, performance and sustainability while saving lifecycle costs at the same time.

We service your power transmission products, systems and solutions

Services for high-voltage systems for substations

Securing fault-free operation of high-voltage switchgears and products for a reliable power supply

Services for flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS)

Ensuring safety, reliability, and availability for flexible AC transmission systems throughout the entire lifecycle

Services for high-voltage direct current (HVDC)

Ensuring availability, efficiency, and security of high-voltage DC transmission systems for decades

Services for overhead lines - SIEAERO

The digital service for powerline inspection

Services for offshore grid connections

Providing and maintaining safe and highly available grid access for offshore and onshore platforms – with grid access services from Siemens Energy

Services for transformers

Maintain the operation of your transformers at its maximum operating level

Keep the lights on!

Trends like rising energy demand, extreme weather conditions, the energy transition and increased cyber attacks add more stress on transmission assets.

Therefore, it´s more important than ever to follow valuable service recommendations. Find out which service activities are relevant for your individual assets along the lifecycle!

Best-in-class services for your high voltage assets

With thousands of high voltage assets under maintenance combined with our unique skills as an OEM, we know every detail of your products. This enables us to deliver the fastest and most effective support for a vast variety of high voltage assets.

Valuable expertise in your vertical

Whatever business you operate, we have the appropriate lifecycle regimes. With decades of  experience in many verticals and our global presence, we ensure best-in-class customized support for your enterprise.