Exchange engine for industrial gas turbine applications

Siemens can offer either a service exchange or lease of major assemblies and full core engine units, dependent upon suitability and availability.

Service Exchange

While your gas turbine is undergoing maintenance, Siemens can relieve the pressure of production schedules and minimize on-site disruption by providing you with a factory built service exchange core or major sub-assembly.

Siemens service exchange units are built to current design standards, incorporating latest technical developments and fully tested to produce power within the original installed output. Each exchange unit is configured to match your installation before being tested and dispatched.

We hold a large multi-engine exchange fleet which, with sufficient advance notice, can be made ready for rapid dispatch following site configuration and testing.



The benefits of Service Exchange

Lease Engines

If your preference is to have your engine overhauled, rather than Service Exchanged, Siemens can supply a lease unit engine to reduce disruption and maintain continuity of operation.

Siemens offers cost efficient emergency back up in the form of lease engines for hire for emergency purposes. Our lease pool of engines ensures that emergency back up is available on the shortest possible lead times.


An adaptor kit will ensure the lease engine suits the installation and can be installed in place of any gas turbine of its kind originally delivered by Siemens.


Whether you have one, or multiple engines being overhauled consecutively, we can provide a short or long term lease of gas generators, power turbines, major assemblies or complete engine cores to suit your needs.







The benefits of Lease Engines


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