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Robotic inspection for onsite generator diagnostics

In-situ condition analysis of your 2-pole generators - without rotor removal

Generators are usually in use for many years. During operation, aging and grid effects may lead to severe damages on vital components such as rotor or stator.

Prolonged outages due to unpredicted repairs can be avoided with our advanced robotic in-situ inspection and condition analysis.

Depending on the condition of the generator, a robot inspection replaces a time-consuming main inspection. 

Robot Features specially developed for air-cooled generators


Our service capabilities

for all air-cooled 2-pole, 4-pole generators and synchronous condensers

Whatever kind of industry your business is, whatever air-cooled generator you have. We offer comprehensive generator services tailored to your specific needs.

With years of experience on generators of current and former manufacturers our skilled field service reduces downtimes and costs to a minimum with cutting-edge tests and tools.


With repairs, rewinds and footprints, our engineering provides solutions that fit your needs and asset strategies. Our portfolio ranges from monitoring products to predictive maintenance and long-term service agreements to reduce your effort and increase the reliability of your generator assets.


As a company with global presence, we have a network of world-wide resources and workshops offering exclusive opportunities and solutions.

Your benefits


Upgrading and uprating

Siemens Energy offers you a broad range of options

This includes

  • Rewinding the stator and rotor using state-of-the-art insulation technology
  • Optimizing i.e. reducing heat-up of various components
  • Optimizing the cooling system
  • Optimizing efficiency
  • Upgrading instrumentation and control systems to digital closed-loop control technology
  • Installation and commissioning of modern monitoring and diagnostics systems

Footprint generators

Tailor made generator replacement concept

This recently developed engineering approach combines the cutting edge in generator technology with the interfaces of legacy generator types while ideally catering to the operator's economic interests. The focus is on integrating state-of-the-art active parts as used in today's newly built units to engineer tailored replacement machines that will take over from the original machines within a foreseeable time frame.

The replacement machines are designed to mate with all relevant interfaces (i.e. shaft centerline height, foundations, etc.) of the legacy unit and to facilitate quick exchange.


The footprint approach can be applied to nearly all generators, irrespective of the model and type of cooling, and for all conventional designs on the 50-Hz and 60-Hz markets, for voltages of 6.3 kV, 10.5 kV or 13.0 kV.

Replacement of excitation system

The increasing cost and delivery times for replacement parts and servicing the generator's original excitation systems are economic incentives for upgrading. Replacing the original analog excitation systems with wear-free, state-of-the-art digital systems not only reduces running costs but also improves unit availability.

Our footprint approach offers many advantages:



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