Technical Consultancy Services

Optimize your power assets to match energy transition

The energy market is subject to a changing and challenging environment in terms of Decarbonization, Digitalization, Decentralization and Growth Demand.


We at Siemens Energy's Technical Consultancy Services have a deep understanding of these changes in the energy market and work in close cooperation with our customers to build the future of power generation.


By combining the know-how of experts from operations with professional holistic methodologies we partner the transformation journey and help to develop solutions that really fit our customer’s requirement. 


Whether you want to increase operational excellence, optimize your assets lifecycle management or improve your CO2 footprint. You can start the transformation journey with Technical Consultancy Services providing a clear picture of the status quo to take the next step to exploit your full future potential.

Technical Consultancy Services (TCS) can provide

Use-Cases of Consulting Engagements

Discover Asset Optimization Consulting: we explore your needs based around business objectives, existing infrastructure and technology looking to develop a tailormade roadmap based around outcome.

Offering specific support from ideation to realization, typical areas of development support are:

A powerful combination of professional approaches and technical expertise

Technical Consultancy Services offers a unique approach by combining professional consultancy methods with the technical expertise residing in specialist and operative departments.


Technical Consultancy Services provides:

  • Assistance along the entire Power Plant lifecycle to Utilities, IPP and PE investors
  • A peer expert perspective about power plant potentials for owners, operators and investors
  • Analyses based on full lifecycle know-how
  • Improvement potentials in Operation & Maintenance
  • Benchmarks against Siemens worldwide fleet knowledge
  • Best practice sharing based on a well established Continuous Improvement Process, providing state-of-the-art knowledge

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