Technical Consultancy Services

Technical Consultancy Services

Providing benefits to power producers

Technical Consultancy Services (TCS)

The energy market is subject to a changing and challenging environment in terms of Green Energy, Digitalization, Flexibility, Modernization and Transparency. We as Technical Consultancy Services have a deep understanding of these changes in the energy market and work in close cooperation with our customers to build the future of power generation. We do this by combining the know-how of experts from operations with professional consultancy methods.

Through this innovative approach Technical Consultancy Services:

  • Provide assistance as competent and strategic foresighted partner in times of transition
  • Assist the customer through his entire journey as business partner for all power services
  • Offer a new type of tailored and flexible service

As one of the world’s top O&M service providers we draw on our valuable knowledge, deep domain expertise, and years of experience to deliver outcomes that directly and indirectly enhance business profitability.


By providing tailored Technical Consultancy Services we offer an expert perspective on power plant potentials to best serve our customers.

Our portfolio includes

Total power plant assessments

  • O&M process implementation status of Station, Operation and Maintenance Management
  • EHS, Spares, Performance Monitoring System, Staff and Organization, Standards and Systems
  • If required initial APM analysis (1st level)
  • O&M Assessment scope
  • Approach based on available documentation
  • Implementation status not part of scope
  • Visual inspection and technical condition evaluation
  • Condition based recommended actions
  • Focused and aligned with customer’s strategic goals
  • Gap & impact analysis to maintain mission critical operations & resources
  • Co-develop flexible & reliable solution for ensuring continuity & resilience
  • Physical verification & technical evaluation of power plant or selected assets
  • Condition based market value estimation

Digital transformation consultancies

  • Identify and define APM key elements (e.g. Strategy, Risk Plan, Roles and Responsibilities, Objectives, Training, Technology, Implementation, Adherences, Performance)
  • Return of Investments
  • Record status quo of digitalization of Operations, Maintenance, processes, people, strategy and technology
  • Gap analysis to capture digitalization needs/ potential
  • Advising a solution that brings value to your data
  • Assessment of CMMS interactions in the power plant
  • Gap Analysis of existing CMMS functionalities for an effective work process and transparency
  • Recommendation for improvement of the CMMS by experienced O&M domain experts - benchmarking against best in class
  • Establishing readiness for APM
  • Technical evaluation of risks and opportunities
  • Rating of findings
  • Information on the investment object and its environment

Power plant components & systems

  • General components’ condition
  • Condition determination
  • Inspection, interpretation of findings and fatigue calculations
  • Technical process optimization (emissions, efficiency, power output, component performance, modifications & upgrades)
  • Flexibility increase (start up, loading, low load operation)
  • Fit for Service (increase maintenance flexibility, shorten outage duration)
  • Record of Thermal and Design Parameters
  • Setup thermodynamic model (complete water/ steam cycle)
  • Gap analysis to capture optimization potential

A powerful combination of professional approaches and technical expertise

Technical Consultancy Services offers a unique approach by combining professional consultancy methods with the technical expertise residing in specialist and operative departments.


Technical Consultancy Services provides:

  • Assistance along the entire Power Plant lifecycle to Utilities, IPP and PE investors
  • A peer expert perspective about power plant potentials for owners, operators and investors
  • Analyses based on full life-cycle know-how
  • Improvement potentials in Operation & Maintenance
  • Benchmarks against Siemens worldwide fleet knowledge
  • Best practice sharing based on a well established Continuous Improvement Process, providing state-of-the-art knowledge

    This approach ensures state-of-the-art outcomes and maximized customer benefits.

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