Additive Manufacturing for the Energy Industry

AM opens up huge opportunities by revolutionizing the manufacturing and repair of components

Fast, efficient, flexible: AM makes the difference

Be it rapid prototyping or manufacturing parts for aero-derivative, gas and steam turbines or compressors, they can be designed faster, with increased flexibility, better materials, and optimized efficiency. This way, 3D printing enables cutting edge technologies with reduced time-to-market and quick upgrading of existing assets. Being both a pioneer and a leader in the industrialization of AM, Siemens Energy is in an excellent position to give its customers the products and tools they need for the next generation of power products.
Why 3D printing holds new opportunities for the energy sector

Why 3D printing holds new opportunities for the energy sector

The digital discussion – produced by Enlit Europe and moderated by Power Engineering International Editor Kelvin Ross – delved into the nitty-gritty of what 3D printing is, how it could benefit the power sector and what the key limitations are to consider.

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Siemens Energy is driving the industrialization and commercialization of AM processes. Here are some examples of 3D printed parts working in the real world.

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