Egypt Megaproject

The three largest combined cycle power plants deliver power to over 40 Million Egyptian. With a commitment to service excellence, our operation and maintenance ensure sustainable and efficient power supply.

All about the Megaproject

Egypt is now resolutely setting the course for sustained development and economic growth. To power the country’s economic transformation, Siemens Energy has successfully managed to boost Egypt’s power generation capacity by over 40 percent by connecting 14.4 gigawatts to the Egyptian national grid. This is enough power to supply over 40 million Egyptians with reliable electricity and provide a much-needed power to different industrial sectors.

Together with Egypt and in collaboration with its local partners; El Sewedy Electric and Orascom Construction, we have built a foundation for progress to unlock the country’s vast potential.

Since the Pharaohs commissioned the great Pyramids, the country has been an industrialized nation. But, energy shortages have been a challenge to Egyptian industry. Our powerful energy mix system underpins the country’s growth and economic development, and benefiting all citizens.

Our state-of-the-art power generation technology under the Megaproject includes three 4.8 gigawatt turnkey Combined Cycle Power Plants, and 12 wind parks with approximately 600 wind turbines.

The record-breaking completion of our Megaproject in Egypt will not only transform the power landscape in Egypt, but will also serve as a blueprint for building up power infrastructure in the Middle East and all over the world.
 Joe Kaeser -  Supervisory Board Chairman Siemens Energy
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Egypt Megaproject Timeline of Events

Building high efficient Combined Cycle Power Plants, sustainable wind farms, state-of-the-art Gas Insulated Switchgear substations to expand the infrastructure for a country fulfilling true potential, that is ingenuity for life. See the development:
Significance for Egypt

Multiple technologies. One solution.

Projects of any size require a flexible portfolio. Turnkey power plants, wind and steam turbines, generators, instrumentation and control systems, and smart grid strategies all offer powerful, adaptable, reliable, and clean energy delivered according to real-time demand. Moreover, upgrading and retrofitting existing infrastructure also serves to return older power plants to peak efficiency.

What does all this mean for Egypt?

Executing 14.4 GW of fossil power generation based on combined cycle configuration on a fast-track basis over two phases: phase 1 for up to 4.4 GW in an open cycle configuration by the end of 2016; and phase 2 for up to 14.4 GW in a combined cycle configuration in 2018.

Deploying large wind projects for up to 2000 MW in the Gulf of Suez and West Nile, all energized by Siemens Direct Drive Wind Turbine Generators.
Extending transmission network by building a state-of-the-art eight GIS substation of 500 KV in a record time.

To further enhance and maintain a reliable national grid, a detailed grid stability study was also carried to investigate the efficiency and stability of the current electricity grid to pin-point critical bottlenecks and provide scenario definition, network performance, and analysis for 2015 and the decades ahead.
Providing a 9-year service and maintenance agreements for the three power plants to help ensure the long-term reliability, availability and optimal performance of the units. The service and maintenance operations will be supported by Siemens Energy digital services products and offerings, tapping into the company’s advanced data analytics.

Improving the efficiency of fossil power generation systems and saving tremendous amounts of natural gas by deploying highly efficient gas-fired combined cycle power plants (CCPP) using Siemens Energy H-class technology.

Siemens Energy’s Financial Services Division has structured the financing package for our role in the contracts, including a tailored guarantee concept.

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