Today’s electricity grid isn’t ready for tomorrow

We’re supporting companies and countries to strengthen and expand critical infrastructure
Tim Holt

" As the demand for renewables power generation increases, we need to expand and modernize our transmission grids. If not, renewable energy cannot reach its full potential”

Tim Holt, Member of the Executive Board, Siemens Energy

Specific challenges and solutions

We focus on enabling our customers to upgrade electrical grids in two ways:

Increasing robustness

The existing infrastructure needs to be made more resilient and flexible to cope with fluctuations in energy supply and ever-increasing demand.

Our highly efficient Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) play an important role in balancing these fluctuations and maintaining robustness. We also offer the world’s most sustainable portfolio of grid technologies, including high-voltage clean-air switchgear and transformers, HVDC services and digital solutions.

Expanding storage

Energy storage systems are crucial to the energy transition, ensuring 24/7 availability of electricity from renewable sources. We are developing a variety of storage solutions, including batteries and green hydrogen.

In addition, our HVDC technology makes possible the exchange of electricity across borders, enabling different national power grids to support each other.