Waiting for perfect solutions won’t cut emissions

Using conventional technologies can contribute to lowering emissions

"Gas is a key enabler of the energy transition, supporting the immediate decarbonization of energy systems while complementing renewables. A coal to gas shift and beyond to H2 is critical to achieving net zero targets."

Karim Amin, Member of the Executive Board of Siemens Energy

Specific challenges and solutions

In shifting towards more sustainable energy, we have five areas of focus:

Coal to gas

We are enabling our customers with a high CO2 footprint the opportunity to shift from coal to gas power, by using assets they already have or by building a new power plant.

H2 and green fuels

Many of our highly efficient gas turbines are already capable of being operated with 70% hydrogen and we are further expanding this capability across our portfolio. We also have a clear roadmap for enabling our turbines to operate with other green fuels such as bio-fuels.

Carbon capture

With strategic partnerships, we are driving the development of carbon capture, usage and storage (CCUS) technologies to intercept greenhouse gases where they are generated.

Upgrades for renewable energy integration

We are offering our customers enhanced service upgrades to enable them to react faster to fluctuations in the grid caused by a high level of renewable energy.

Decarbonization of heat

The energy transition cannot succeed without a heat transition. We are developing efficient large-scale industrial heat pumps and cogeneration plants fired with low-carbon or zero-emission fuels to provide decarbonized heat.

Heading towards hydrogen

Together with EnBW, Siemens Energy is driving the use of green hydrogen as a climate-friendly fuel in power plants. At a pilot project in Stuttgart-Münster, Germany, natural gas is expected to replace coal in approximately three years – with a view to replacing the gas with hydrogen as soon as possible.

Carbon capture collaboration

Siemens Energy, in partnership with Aker Solution and Doosan Babcock, has been awarded the contract for the Keadby 3 Carbon Capture Power Station in the UK.  This will have the capacity to capture up to 1.5 megatonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

Turning turbines greener

Our fleet of 7,800 gas turbines offers a great opportunity to decarbonize further. By applying carbon capture solutions and hydrogen / green fuel upgrades we can make them even cleaner.