Diversity is a fact, inclusion is a choice - choose inclusion

It takes minds from all segments of society to shape the energy of tomorrow

Siemens Energy believes inclusion and diversity creates more opportunity for success. It doesn’t matter the gender, age, ethnic background, sexual orientation, or disability - everyone has an equal part to play in energizing society. Here, more than 96,000 employees worldwide join forces with welcoming colleagues who encourage equality and belonging, to passionately and energetically pursue a shared goal: to shape the energy systems of the future.

An inclusive culture brings our purpose to life

Our various employee networks across our organization build inclusive communities and foster allyship. This ignites our innovation potential, paves our way toward a sustainable future and helps us transform ourselves and our customers.

Gender & Allies

We offer networks for development and coaching of our female employees. 

LGBTQIA+ & Allies

We promote the inclusion, fellowship, well-being, engagement and empowerment of LGBTQIA+ employees and their allies. 

Ethnicity & Allies

Our ethnicity networks across the globe develop and leverage the talents of our diverse employees at all levels of the organization.

Disability & Allies

Our networks foster an environment of inclusion, awareness, understanding, and support of our employees with differing abilities.

Learn about our progress on gender diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Diverse perspectives are needed to address the complex challenges the energy transition brings

We recognize the power of bringing together perspectives from different genders, backgrounds, countries, and age groups. Keep reading to learn more about what it’s like to work for an open and inclusive company, that strives to create safe, welcoming workplaces.

Siemens Energy engineers

We recognize the value of inclusive leadership.

Our leaders listen respectfully to learn from others and leverage our differences to innovate for better solutions.

This is a company where diversity is celebrated.

We recognize and respect the differences between people whilst valuing the contribution everyone can make to our business.

Our female employees reach their full potential.

We invest in career growth and the best development opportunities for employees at all levels within our organization. One of our development programs, Catalysta, focuses on supporting the progression of female successors for key roles.

Want to join the Siemens Energy team? Have a look at our job offers

Our workplace environment is open to everybody regardless of their ethnic origin, religion, world view, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.  All of our opportunities are posted in an open job portal, and people with different skills, abilities and ideas have an equal chance.

Jennifer Cooper

Our people are our creativity. I think it is important to look at what is beyond, to celebrate diversity of thoughts, and to make this an asset.

Jennifer Hooper

Onyeche Tifase

When a woman starts to do the things she was told she couldn't do… she finds herself winning and achieving the 'impossible'.

Onyeche Tifase

Partnering for a diverse and inclusive future

We work together, internally and externally, with customers and partners to support us in becoming more diverse and inclusive.

Together, we can build an inclusive culture, one step at a time

Read how these employees contribute to creating an inclusive culture where people feel respected and engaged, and can speak up and be themselves.

Travis Smith

I am able to be my authentic self at work and feel empowered to speak up and help shape the direction of our business, including how Siemens Energy engages with society. 


Travis Smith

Noor Alshemmasi

I’m supporting the localization and production of energy in my own country, and setting an example for other young females like myself. Don’t let your age, gender or anything else hold you back from transforming society.

Noor Alshemmasi

Dan Simpson

The hopes and dreams of everyone matter – that is why I passionately believe in inclusion and diversity as a force for good. I believe that equality is a moral endeavour, based upon dignity and respect for everyone. 

Dan Simpson

Sara Khoo

When we crowd-sourced the new values with employees, there were so many positive stories centered around how valued the employees felt and how inclusion and diversity is needed to maintain that atmosphere of best place to work.

Sara Khoo

Every day, people are treated less favorably or face discrimination because of their ethnicity, gender, religion or ideology, disability, age, or sexual identity. This has to change.

The world needs people who do not look the other way when they see or hear racism and discrimination. See what our employees, their families and friends have to say about the important role allyship played in their lives. We can all do a great deal in our everyday lives and at work to make our society more supportive, open, and tolerant. Act, and become an ally. Let's make tomorrow different today.

We asked our employees to share their allyship stories. Watch them here.

How Lars helped Udoka feel welcome in Germany 

How Peter helped Vurtricia find her voice 

How Johannes supports Sarah for who she is