A career is like an energy grid:

You need to balance energy for different parts of your life. Erica Oates

I love data. I am a problem solver by heart and data is my secret weapon. I really like to simplify and improve efficiency by logically breaking down a system into its component parts and finding new ways to piece it together, often introducing new information. At Siemens Energy we are solving energy challenges by taking responsibility beyond just engineering.

I believe that there is a perfect job role out there for everyone but it might not take the form you are looking for and sometimes it isn’t easy to seek out. I never expected there was a role out there that combines my love of puzzles, physics and the planet – yet here I am doing just that! The key for me has been to follow what I love.

Data is important beyond my own department. We invest in data literacy across the company as data can clarify the bigger context of the challenges we face. Collaboration is key – you are not smart if you do it alone. The customer is at the heart of everything we do; despite being in a developer role, it may be surprising to know that most of my time is spent in conversation understanding the need. For example, I have just completed a project looking at ways to reduce weather datasets prior to processing them, to enable us to better and more quickly optimise renewable energy systems. In this work I have felt connected to what we should be doing for our planet, especially with the backdrop of the current political situation and environmental concerns.

I am my mum’s carer and it feels really great to give back to the woman who as a single mother, inspired me into believing I can do anything I put my mind to. I have taken this mindset into work as well and volunteered to lead the women-in-data initiative that was first introduced by our Chief Data Officer Micheline Casey. In this community we try to further enhance the experience of women and non-binary people at Siemens Energy. It is also providing me with opportunities to learn new skills and to support others.

Siemens Energy is really supportive in finding the balance between my work, my studies and my carer responsibilities. I am about to finish my Master in Data Science and they gave me the flexibility to partly work on my dissertation in company hours and work from home whenever my home situation needed it. You need to be open and honest to get the support you need; we are encouraged to do so – both personal and anonymous. Your mental health is as important as your career.

Finally, a nugget of wisdom from my mum – choose a job that brings you happiness. Whatever it is, do it as well as you can and you will end each day feeling satisfied and proud of your achievements.