software development at Siemens Energy employee story

We develop software to change the future

Francisco Eslava Medina

Our energy landscape needs disruption to fuel a more sustainable society. The energy industry is part of this major transformation, while also maintaining stability and resilience of the current and future grid. The three main developments that are shaping this transformation are Decarbonization, Digitization and Decentralization.

Disruption is complicated for any established company, and even more for energy companies as they are more complex and regulated than any other business. Siemens Energy is a solid company with the stability you need during this energy transformation, but also possess the urge to improve and works in a spirit of self-disruption. We have got the mindset to pivot and lead innovation.

At Siemens Energy you work on energy-projects that will benefit future generations.

I am responsible for the software in a dedicated R&D unit. In our unit we develop digital products to support customers and society in their transition to a more sustainable world. We help them stay relevant and competitive with new approaches to digitalization. Our products and technologies bring visibility and control in an ever evolving and complex energy landscape.

We are organizing our teams and knowledge like the grid: a fusion of established and alternative new energy sources. We are scouting for people with different backgrounds and cultures to get to the delicate mixture of everything we need to succeed. For example, before joining Siemens Energy I worked with AI and autonomous driving. What will your background bring to future energy networks?

Creativity is our driving force. We know how to master uncertainty and how to be on top of the challenges we face as a team. Our secret? Adaptability over micromanagement, without ever compromising on quality.

T-shaped professionals love it here, as your specific domain knowledge will be valued, but the ‘broadness’ of your knowledge and how you can think beyond your expertise will be valued even more.