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Welcome to the Innovation Center – Abu Dhabi

Siemens Energy is one of the world’s leading energy technology companies. We work with our customers, industrial partners, academia, and research centers on energy systems for the future, supporting the energy transition to a more sustainable world. With our portfolio of products, solutions, and services, we cover almost the entire energy value chain – from power generation and transmission to storage.

Innovation is an essential driver for us at Siemens Energy to create energy solutions that are reliable, secure, sustainable, and affordable. Our Innovation Centers are designed to solve the trilemma by enhancing the portfolio based on their Fields of Action. Along with our company’s bundled expertise, we develop sustainable, reliable, secure, and affordable clean energy technologies jointly with our local ecosystems. We focus on the commercialization of innovative solutions to accelerate the energy transition.

The Innovation Centers will strengthen specialized skillsets and create highly skilled teams within the coming years. Siemens Energy will also offer internships annually to students.

The Innovation Center – Abu Dhabi (ICA) is one of four Siemens Energy Innovation Centers globally, with the other locations in Orlando in the United States, Shenzhen in China, and Berlin in Germany. The ICA was formed based on a solid partnership between Siemens Energy and the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) in October 2022 and is based at Khalifa University.

5 Fields of Action

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1. Power-to-X

Converting renewable power electro- chemically into higher value products.

Battery storage solution

2. Energy Storage

The conversion of electrical energy into a form in which it can be stored until converted back.

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3. Resilient Grid and Reliability

Using various technologies to enable more efficient electric

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4. Decarbonized Heat and Industrial Processes

Improving the generation from heat with substantial reduction toward zero or negative emission of greenhouse gases.

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5. Conditioned-based Service Interventions

Using digital advancements to expand our service offerings and increase customer value.


Customer Collaboration Space

CertaLink Energy Certification

Siemens Energy provides transparent, automated, tamper-proof and internationally recognized certification as a service, supporting customers to prove the sustainable origin, or evaluate the environmental impact of industrial production. 

CertaLink uses blockchain and AI based technology to build an open ecosystem where different participants cooperate with each other, including regulatory authorities, certification bodies, companies requiring certification, blockchain node operators, etc. 

Our Partnerships

At Siemens Energy, we pride ourselves on being a dedicated provider of energy technology solutions, committed to forging long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships that drive the global energy transition.

Our collaborative approach accelerates the development of decarbonized value chains such as the hydrogen economy and synthetic fuels, generates new employment opportunities, and cultivates skilled jobs for future generations.

As a partner and catalyst in the worldwide energy transformation, we empower our customers and governments to achieve their objectives and establish climate-friendly enterprises, irrespective of their geographical location. We firmly believe that investment, innovation, and partnership are the key ingredients to successfully navigate the energy transition journey swiftly, efficiently, and effectively.

Khalifa University

In October 2022 during the ADIPEC event, Khalifa University of Science and Technology announced to host Siemens Energy’s Abu Dhabi Innovation Center at its Sas Al Nakhl Campus. The Innovation Center will leverage both parties’ strengths, to accelerate the journey to Net Zero, with technology and research co-creation opportunities, knowledge transfer, development of local capabilities, as well as employment opportunities.

The internationally top-ranked university provides a world-class faculty together with state-of-the-art research facilities, that will enhance the Innovation Center’s work on co-creating decarbonization technologies in the areas of Power-to-X, Decarbonized Heat and Industrial Processes, Condition-based Service Interventions, Energy Storage & Fuel Cells, and Block-chain for Energy applications, among others.

Dr. Arif Sultan Al Hammadi, Executive Vice-President, Khalifa University and Dr. Fahad Alyafei, Chief Technology Officer - Middle East, Siemens Energy

Dr. Arif Sultan Al Hammadi, Executive Vice-President, Khalifa University and Dr. Fahad Alyafei, Chief Technology Officer - Middle East, Siemens Energy

Wind turbines

International Renewable Energy Agency

In May 2021, Siemens Energy signed a partnership agreement with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) aimed at advancing the global energy transition. Under the agreement, the organizations will strengthen collaboration on the application of technology to advance and deepen the transition to renewable energy around the world.

The wide-ranging scope of collaboration extends to a variety of opportunities including developing the business case for green hydrogen as a major contributor to deep decarbonization, furthering joint efforts to promote heat generation and industrial processes, decarbonizing hard-to-abate industries like cement, steel and petrochemicals, and facilitating private sector investment in the renewables sector.

Alliance for Industry Decarbonization

In September 2022, Siemens Energy, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), and 13 companies across all industry sectors, launched the global Alliance for Industry Decarbonization. The new Alliance aims to accelerate net-zero ambitions and decarbonize industrial value chains to pursue the Paris Agreement climate goals.

The new coalition was officially launched by adopting the Bali Declaration. Co-founder Siemens Energy has been a major driver for the creation of the Alliance and will co-chair the Alliance leadership. Participants can benefit from business opportunities for green industrialization and explore collaboration in developing strategies and sharing best practices to cut industry emissions.

Siemens Energy signature ceremony with IRENA, Christian Bruch, CEO of Siemens Energy and President and Francesco La Camera, Director General of IRENA

Dr.-Ing. Christian Bruch, CEO of Siemens Energy and President and Francesco La Camera, Director General of IRENA

Digital Energy Certificate

Siemens Energy, ADNOC, and an independent certification body (TÜV Süd) formed a collaborative partnership to implement a blockchain-based solution for tracking low carbon intensity within the production of blue ammonia using Carbon Capture Technology (CCUS).

Smart sensors connected to the production assets record the CO2 injection and defined steps along the production chain, certifying the creation of Blue Ammonia. The result is a near real-time certification of the ammonia as "blue" based on the amount of captured carbon, ushering in a new era of trust and transparency. Producers now have an indisputable and transparent record of every unit of B, ensuring compliance to regulations, or creating a competitive edge for their products.

The application of distribute ledger technology will enable a highly transparent and trusted digital tracking, monitoring and certification process for low-carbon products and further energy carriers beyond blue ammonia.