Innovation Center Berlin

at the EnergySphere Berlin - Let yourself be inspired!

Experience the future of energy

In today's dynamic global environment, you will experience the Innovation Center Berlin on the site of the traditional Siemens Energy gas turbine plant at the EnergySphere Berlin. We open up many new possibilities for you to experience the world of energy.

The Innovation Center Berlin will be our European contribution to transform the global energy market and change the approach on innovation. Currently we are setting up ourselves and the Innovation Center Berlin for success. We are reaching out to our partners, start-ups, and universities to create business and customer value add.

Our strategic objectives for our Innovation Center with locations in Berlin, Orlando, Shenzhen, Abu Dhabi are:

  1. Connect: Build an ecosystem connecting Siemens Energy with customers, start-ups, industrial partners, governments, and universities
  2. Ignite: Introduce and foster new skill sets, methods, tools, and topics
  3. Co-Create: Facilitate customer co-creation to drive the energy transformation
  4. Explore: Develop early-stage R&D topics in pre-commercial phase that are beyond the active Siemens Energy business portfolio
  5. Pilot: Execute rapid prototyping of Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) to validate early-stage concepts for commercialization
  6. Showcase: Create visibility on the approaches, opportunities and impacts of our innovations

Innovation Center Berlin Overview

Design, collaborate, learn

Curiosity, understanding and cooperation – this is the right place for openness, training and new ideas. Book your place. Exchange ideas worldwide, develop new solutions together and become part of our community!