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Integrated platform for energy infrastructure developers

Today’s energy transition landscape is brimming with opportunities. But with great potential comes great complexity in energy project development. Factors such as increasing regulatory complexity, the emergence of new technologies, multiple stakeholders with competing interests and financing challenges contribute to this dynamic environment.  

Moreover, grid landscapes are changing, leading to longer interconnection queues and supply chain timelines. With demands for electrification and a threefold increase in renewable energy over the next few years, project sponsors face significant risks, including transmission congestion, curtailment risks, and soaring interconnection costs.

Generation energy landscape with renewable power

As a developer, how can you manage uncertainty? How can you ensure a smooth development origination process with lower risk and higher reward potential?

That’s where Deal Rocket comes in. We are a Siemens Energy Venture dedicated to reducing energy infrastructure project development risks and costs for independent developers. From renewable energy and battery storage to hybrid power plants and more, we offer an integrated platform to optimize your project development process.

Our expertise in grid congestion and transmission, market analysis, energy infrastructure consulting, engineering, and supply chain capabilities allows us to provide developers with an integrated approach that decreases risk and attracts early project capital.

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De-risking the project development process

Our services include project siting, co-developing investment theses, providing opportunities for optimal technology sizing as well as transmission studies, costs and risks, and possible financing from our partners across the energy transition lifecycle. Our approach is designed to de-risk the project development process, so that developers can succeed.

Join our experts in a joint webinar with POWER as they discuss the current trends in the energy infrastructure market, and how to de-risk the project development process so independent developers can succeed!

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Partner with us!

We are seeking partnerships to co-develop high potential energy infrastructure projects. Our team helps you navigate changing regulations and technological requirements while providing an integrated approach for pre-development, selection of optimal low-risk projects, transmission and congestion studies and possible financing from investment partners across different stages of the project.

By partnering with us, you will have access to a wide pool of pre-selected low risk development projects with a smaller initial capital investment, as well as shared risk and rewards.

In addition, we are currently creating a self-service early origination platform which will include an optimal development map, continuous congestion monitoring, grid and nodal economic analysis, transmission and congestion studies, and more. 

Partner with Deal Rocket

What are the benefits of partnering with Deal Rocket?

Capital Investment

Gain access to a wide pool of pre-selected low risk development projects and investments that match your goals and capabilities increasing efficiency in the project development process. In addition, Deal Rocket helps developers decrease barriers to investment capital in projects.

Integrated Approach

Reduce lead-times, risk, and time to arrive at go / no-go decisions with the integration of the entire origination development process. This includes the integration of de-risking studies such as siting, market and technical studies into one package. 

Decreased cost of failure

Decrease your cost by failing early on in the process and avoid unnecessary time and capital investments. Deal Rocket's approach allows for early identification of potential issues, helping developers to optimize capital investment. 

Data driven decisions

Our in-depth data analysis of nodes, grid congestion and optimal locations help you leverage the right opportunities in energy infrastructure to make your development decisions future-proof. These data-driven insights help you minimize risk, reduce costs and improve your project success rate.

Shared risk and reward

Strategic partnerships with select developers to co-develop an investment thesis in a particular geography. When you partner with us, it may be possible to share initial pre-development cost. By working together, you can achieve better outcomes while minimizing risk. 

Our Team

Our experienced and diverse team from Siemens Energy has deep domain knowledge built on decades of experience in engineering, technology consultancy to the energy sector, and electrification across the whole energy landscape. 

Raj Lall
Raj Lall

Venture Lead 

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Sean Sullivan

Growth Lead 

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David Fernandes

Growth Lead 

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Cristina Becle

Energy analyst 

Michael Hofstetter
Michael Hofstetter

Venture Architect 

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Karen Rodriguez

Communications Lead

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