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Dear journalists,

We sincerely thank you for joining our press trip to the Zero Emission Hydrogen Turbine Center (ZEHTC) in Finspång, Sweden from September 13-14.

On this page you will find our latest resources including presentations, articles, videos, fact sheets and much more for your information and utilization. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Siemens Energy press team.



Presstrip slides | Way to net zero
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Five uncomfortable truths about the energy transition
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Clean Energy Certification
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Zero Emission Hydrogen Turbine Center (animation)
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Zero Emission Hydrogen Turbine Center (trailer)
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Hydrogen Readiness of Siemens Energy Gas Turbines
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The Power of Biofuel
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Content | ZEHTC project

Article | Into the clean-hydrogen frontier      

Even as a student in mechanical engineering “power generation without pollution” fascinated her. Now at the ZEHTC research facility, Åsa Lyckström and her team have put all the pieces together to make it happen.

Webpage | ZEHTC project            

Stay up to date with the most relevant information about the Zero Emission Hydrogen Turbine project, showcasing a future energy system with hydrogen turbines.

Article | Modeling net zero                  

The new research center (ZEHTC) shows how we can combine hydrogen, solar power, gas turbines and renewable energy storage to build flexible, zero-carbon energy systems.

Content | Hydrogen readiness

White paper | Hydrogen readiness of Siemens Energy gas turbines           

How does hydrogen combustion work? Where does hydrogen come from? Read our whitepaper on preparing gas turbines for the energy transition with hydrogen power and heat.

Press release: Siemens Energy is first manufacturer receiveing certification for “H2-Ready” power plant concept              

An increased investment security for power plant operators’ hydrogen journey: Siemens Energy is the first company worldwide to receive new independent certification from TÜV SÜD.

Webpage: Hydrogen Power Plants                        

Siemens Energy is combining its unique portfolio of gas and steam turbines, electrolyzers, and heat pumps, and turning it into a unique optimized power plant solution with one operating system.

Content | Clean Energy Certificates

Article | Building trust with Clean Energy Certificates                 

How to tell whether hydrogen has been produced from coal, by wind farms, or by hydropower stations? How to compare green fuels from different countries? The Clean Energy Certification system now being launched by Siemens Energy provides the answers.

Webpage | Clean Energy  Certificates            

More and more companies want to demonstrate GHG reductions or CO2 emissions in their products. With the help of blockchain and by connecting physical assets to the digital decentral infrastructure, the Clean Energy Certificate can help you prove your product is manufactured from renewable sources. 


Our speakers

Karim Amin

Member of the Executive Board of Siemens Energy

Member of the Executive Board of Siemens Energy Management GmbH

Executive Vice President Siemens Energy Division Generation

Download Curriculum Vitae

Hans Holmström

Vice President Generation Industrial Gas Turbines

Managing Director of Siemens Energy Sweden

Download Curriculum Vitae

Åsa Lyckström

Sustainability Strategist and Product Positioning Expert

Member of the Executive Leadership Team of Siemens Energy AB, Sweden

Download Curriculum Vitae

Petra Michalke

Senior Service Sales Specialist 

Energy Transition & Clean Energy Certification Expert

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Thorbjörn Fors

Executive Vice President Industrial Applications Division

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