Predictive Maintenance Solutions

Solutions for optimizing plant maintenance

Siemens Energy Predictive Maintenance offers a variety of products and services that allow you to gain prediction insights and enhance your day-to-day maintenance processes.  AI, advanced data analysis, and digital twins are the digital tools used to support your journey toward the future.

Key benefits

Reduces maintenance costs

Supports remote maintenance applications

Increases plant reliability and availability

Featured Solution

Omnivise Asset Management 

This powerful software suite manages your critical plant's assets. Its four modular applications cover all power generation core processes and domains while supporting both local and remote teams. Built on a single platform, Omnivise Asset Management delivers seamless workflows enabling cross-role collaboration and supports the broader use cases shown here.

What you need to know

  • Offers different entry options for every customer’s specific needs
  • Workflow for specific roles and cross collaboration
  • Siemens Energy engineering and operator expertise integrated into the suite
  • Effective for every asset, regardless of vendor
  • Uses predictive maintenance technologies
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Our Predict Solutions

Asset Management

Transform your operations and maintenance with digital workflows and today's advanced technologies.


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Special Monitors

Monitor specialized operations in your plant for advanced data-based analysis.


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Fatigue Monitoring System
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Instrumentation and Controls Monitors and Advisors
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Working together to address your needs

When it comes to predictive maintenance, every power generating facility has different needs. Siemens Energy takes great pride in a collaborative process that truly partners with your team to develop effective predictive maintenance solutions that support your digital journey.

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