Whenever a high-voltage DC transmission system, a FACTS compensation system or HV-substation requires refurbishment or an upgrade, Siemens provides expert support right from the start.

High-Voltage Refurbishment Solutions

Ensure competitive performance, adapt to new market conditions, protect existing investments. High-voltage DC transmission systems, FACTS compensation systems as well as high-voltage substations usually operate successfully for decades. Still, certain components of a transmission system or a switchyard may require refurbishment for various reasons. To assure the overall system’s intended service life the Siemens Energy experts are committed to helping you define the right course of action and making your refurbishment project a complete success.

Refurbishment ensures optimum performance

While it is obvious that a refurbishment of high-voltage components is needed at some point, the right time as well as scope needs to be defined. There are various factors which have an influence on this decision. By providing support for system analysis, such as for visual inspection or early grid studies, Siemens Energy’s experts can support system operators with these decisions. There’s no such thing as a general rule of thumb here, because operating modes and strategies, business goals, and external factors differ considerably.

Basically, there are four main reasons for refurbishment. The Siemens Energy experts help carve out the requirements of both the operator and the individual HVDC / FACTS system, or high-voltage switchyard and finally deliver a solution that ensures smooth and successful refurbishment.

Defining the scope of refurbishment measures

Three basic questions help system operators identify required and advisable measures, define the scope of works, and determine adequate procedures. Siemens Energy provides support in finding the right answer with system assessments, business case analyses, and adequate pre-studies.

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High-Voltage Refurbishment Solutions at a glance

High-voltage solutions are unique and complex. Various options for refurbishments exist. To define the right scope and target for the refurbishment, please find below a variety of Siemens Energy’s high-voltage refurbishment portfolio:

  • Support during planning phase
  • Feasibility studies to support scope definition
  • System assessments
  • Business case analysis 
  • Outage planning

Reasons for HVDC and FACTS systems as well as high-voltage switchgear refurbishment are very individual. These range from cybersecurity issues to the need for control and protection updates, adaptions to changed grid conditions, the implementation of black start capability, and desired performance increases all the way up to the expectable end of life of a system’s key components.

Siemens Energy helps find out whether refurbishment measures make sense, define the scope, and create a customized project plan. 

No refurbishment measure is like the other and many things need to be considered. Costs need to be analyzed and the question of financing options may arise. Project steps and specifications need to be defined meticulously and the possible timeframe to be evaluated. Finally, system operators need to know exactly what they’ll have to do in the course of the project.

Siemens Energy offers workshops and consulting to analyze the exact requirements and to define the ideal procedure. Siemens Energy can also help issue budgets to define investment costs and can provide financial support.

Finding the right time for a refurbishment measure is crucial – and it’s never easy. Along with the question when has the time come to change system elements or rather an entire station, the availability of required spare parts needs to be clarified. Also, the outage time and its duration must be defined while keeping an eye on the need for an efficiently running power system.

While regular maintenance and checks performed by Siemens Energy experts help increase a system’s lifetime and manage possible obsolescence, component monitoring systems enable predictive maintenance. 

Staying competitive due to successful refurbishments

Siemens Energy has already carried out numerous HVDC, high-voltage switchgear, and FACTS refurbishments for system operators around the world. Here’s an overview of some of the most exciting projects.

Close cooperation ensures the success of your refurbishment project

The Siemens Energy experts are there to support you right from the beginning of your refurbishment project. They’ll ensure that all measures are based on your individual business case and this way protect your competitiveness. Siemens Energy experts will introduce their entire know-how to evaluate the viability of the project, help optimize the refurbished system’s design, and support you in defining the scope of works as well as in planning the project schedule and the outage times. Site visits and the documentation of remaining parts together with the operating and maintenance staff ensure maximum system transparency. Continuous dialogue and health checks provide maximum planning security. In a nutshell: Partnering with Siemens Energy makes sure that your refurbishment project will be a complete success.