Decarbonizing offshore energy systems for generations to come

BlueWind - The Next Generation of the Offshore Wind Grid

BlueWind in Motion

The primary objective is to improve the efficiency of power generation, which in turn reduces the carbon footprint from the offshore production unit. The solution is based on the simple principle utilizing individual or multiple Offshore Floating Wind Units (OFWUs) equipped with battery energy storage and grid converters connecting to the oil and gas asset. When tied together, the OFWUs can be used to create offshore microgrids capable of supplying emissions-free power to offshore Oil and Gas facilities that rely on fossil-fuel based power generation from gas turbines or gas/diesel gensets.

The Next Generation of the Offshore Wind Grid

Decarbonizing our energy systems is the biggest undertaking of our generation – and cutting down the greenhouse gas emissions in offshore production is part of it.

Siemens Energy has developed the BlueWind solution, which will substantially increase and improve the performance of the offshore floating wind turbines connected to oil and gas assets for decreasing the emissions by allowing switching off completely the gas turbines on the assets. The battery energy storage and the Power Management System (PMS) solve this issue by always ensuring grid stability, so that the full extent of power generating from the wind turbine(s) can be harnessed.

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