Dead Tank Compact (DTC)

Over 40 % more space saved as compared to conventional AIS substation configurations with dead tank circuit breakers

Dead Tank Compact (DTC) overview

The 3AP Dead Tank Compact (DTC) switchgear for 145 kV and 245 kV applications is a compact arrangement of several functions needed in a substation. The hybrid concept combines SF6-encapsulated components and air-insulated components. It is possible to arrange the components in a variety of ways depending on your substation configuration.

Flexible solutions according to your substation configuration

  • CB with single- or three-pole operating mechanism
  • Disconnector, earthing switch, high-speed earthing switch
  • Current transformer, voltage transformer and voltage detection system
  • Cable connections possible at various positions
  • Bushings available as porcelain or composite insulators
  • Additional separation of gas compartment, with SF6 density monitor on request
  • Double breaker modules for ultra-compact substation designs
  • Possibility for stand-alone components, e.g. disconnector module with VT


  • Flexibility in confined spaces and extreme environmental conditions
  • GIS components ensure the highest availability and safety at minimum maintenance effort
  • Optimized investments acc. to individual substation requirements
  • Minimum design work for various applications thanks to predefined modules

Possible components for the 3AP1 DTC compact switchgear: 1. Bushing; 2. Current transformer; 3. Circuit breaker with self-compression principle; 4. Three-position disconnector/earthing switch; 5. Voltage transformer; 6. Cable connection assembly; 7. High-speed earthing switch

Our DTC circuit breaker family

Based on our modular design, the core components are adopted from our high-voltage circuit breakers, disconnectors and the GIS product family. Our Dead Tank Compact circuit breakers have a three-pole operating mechanism with a common base, or single-pole operating mechanism on separate bases.

Our services for you

You can find details on our Dead Tank Compact circuit breakers and information about our services here.

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