Tackling the digital transformation

Securing the way to the digital transformation of the process industry and profit from its benefits. With Siemens Energy as your partner, the digital transformation of your fiber processing company is easier than you might think – with many benefits for you. Maximize your workflow efficiency and boost the quality of your products.

The need for digitalization in the fiber industry

Today the global industrial landscape is in full transformation, and it's giving companies unusual latitude to influence future industry structures. The industrial renewal can only happen if companies are prepared to unleash global opportunities for value creation through digitalization, advances in automation, big data, and the Internet of Things – together with Siemens.

How does digitalization improve plant performance and maintenance?

With today's high demand for fiber, unexpected downtime and failures in the process can lead to a dramatic loss of money and time. With digitally enhanced electrification and automation, process industries can profit greatly from reduced downtime and optimized plant efficiency and performance. To optimize process control loops, the cloud-based service Control Performance Analytics enables efficient analyses of control accuracy. An integrated MindSphere connection via Control Performance Analytics (CPA) for SIPAPER DCS APL ensures optimized maintenance and service.

How can digitalization improve data transparency?

As fiber processing becomes more and more complex, the amount of data that's created is also increasing rapidly. Data transparency is a major factor in mastering these challenges in the modern process industry. Data silos, huge amounts of non-managed  “bulk” data, and a lack of detailed information on products and processes often limit plant productivity. With the real-time management information system SIPAPER XHQ, you get a highly performant and easy to configure scalable standard software that enables you to speed up your data flow.

How can digital simulation boost the efficiency of process?

Highly efficient production isn't just about building production lines in the shortest possible setup and commissioning time, it's also about predicting possible fault sources in your plant and automation systems as early as the planning stage in order to optimize them for failure prevention. Digital simulations with SIMIT simulation software allows for comprehensive testing of automation projects and the virtual commissioning of systems, machines, and processes. What's more, the simulation platform can also be used for realistic training of operating personnel, which guarantees safe, efficient system operation.

The road to digitalization

How fit is your company for digitalization?

Siemens provides you with the possibility to compare your progress on the road to digitalization with your competitors.
We provide various levels of consultancy to support you in getting started with digitalization now!

1. Discussion & Assessment

Understanding your needs, challenges and pain points is the first step towards digitalization.
We offer you in-depth discussions and assess the digital maturity of your value chain.

2. Generating business ideas

The next step is to define a strategy.
Therefore we generate business ideas and develop target-oriented initiatives to set a global timeline for your digital transformation.

3. Start your digital transformation

Now you are ready to start your digital transformation.
We help you with the detailed planning of project budgets and the technical specifications for solutions and use cases.

Siemens Energy and VTT: Building on a new digital ecosystem

Digitalization and innovation are our passion. We are your forward-thinking partner for digitalizing the industry and  developing new technologies. To help digitalization grow more and to revolutionize the fiber industry, Siemens Energy has formed many collaborations with a variety of processing companies like VTT, Technical Research Centre of Finland.

Applications to reveal insights and realize the value of your data

Applications from partners, such as Siemens MindApps and others open up new possibilities to realize the value of your IoT data. Industry-focused applications help bring transparency and fidelity to your products and processes. Develop dedicated applications for your business or customer and drive analytics and insights throughout the value stream.

Comprehensive cyber protection – throughout the entire lifecycle

Siemens Energy helps its customers take advantage of technology advances while simultaneously minimizing exposure to risk in areas like cybersecurity. An optimal security solution can only be implemented if it's continuously updated to recognize new threats. We address security issues both for the company internally and for its customers.

Our solutions help ensure your success in the fiber industry – worldwide

Whether you're implementing our solutions in new plants or performing a migration during your ongoing operations: Our solutions enable more efficient and more intelligent production throughout the world. In our references, you can learn about our comprehensive fiber industry expertise and customized solutions.