Dry Gas Seals

Increase efficiency, reliability and sustainability

Our goal is to minimize your ongoing wet oil seal costs, unscheduled downtime and resulting productivity losses. Currently, there are thousands of centrifugal compressors installed globally that predate advanced Dry Gas Seal (DGS) technology and run with wet oil seals, which require costly maintenance and cause parasitic power losses due to oil shear and drag. 

Why choose Siemens Energy Dry Gas Seals?

  • Cost reduction and productivity increase through depletion of unscheduled shutdowns
  • Ability to conduct rotor dynamics studies to increase rotor stability
  • State-of-the-art-design which allows for hassle-free installation
  • Elimination of seal oil consumption, leakages and contamination and other ongoing associated maintenance costs
  • Global Siemens Energy network of service centers, providing you a single point of contact for compressor maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Seal and compressor design from a single source ensuring best overall compressor performance
  • API 692 compliant

The heart of the DGS is a pair of rings. A stationary ring is held against a rotating ring by spring pressure. The contact face of the rotating ring incorporates special fil-riding geometries in the form of groves or tapered lands on the outer portion.


DGS designs:

  • Patented bi-directional groove design
  • Patented rotating seat centering
  • Liquid Phase Sintered Silicon Carbide
  • In-house Theoretical Gas Film Modeling
  • Single DGS - for restrictive applications
  • Double DGS - for lower pressure applications where zero emissions are a must
  • Tandem DGS - When a lower emission and high-pressure tolerant solution is needed (optional without intermediate labyrinth)
  • Carbon Ring Separation Seal - for protecting Dry Gas Seals from bearing oil ingress
  • Carbon Ring Process Seal - for minimizing clean gas flow and for maintaining clean process side environment

Siemens Energy, as the compressor OEM, is best suited to provide a sealing solution that ensures the best overall compressor performance and maintenance, from a single source. Applicable to all OEM and non-OEM centrifugal compressors.

Seal Protect - a reliable, cost-effective sealing solution for your centrifugal compressor

Our innovative sealing solution eliminates the need for a seal gas booster, protects dry gas seals from contamination, reduces maintenance and downtime costs.

Seal Protect sits between the dry gas seal and process side seal, remaining open during operation to prevent contamination. In static or low-speed conditions, it ensures only clean, dry process gas reaches the Dry Gas Seal.


Benefits of Seal Protect include:

  • Increased reliability: Our simplified design reduces component failure risk.
  • Reduced cost: With lower operational and maintenance costs.
  • Minimized footprint: Our system can replace the seal gas booster, saving space.
  • Lower emissions: Seal Protect uses less power, reducing emissions.

Seal Protect is compatible with most new compressor packages and can be retrofitted into existing units for improved reliability.