E-Houses and Modules for Oil and Gas

Customized, plug-and-play solutions for oil and gas applications

The oil and gas industry demands field-proven power and compression solutions that ensure safe operations, enhance installation efficiency, minimize downtime, and address space constraints. To meet these requirements, Siemens draws on decades of experience to offer highly reliable plug-and-play modules for power generation; high-, medium-, and low- voltage (HV, MV, and LV) power distribution; and compression for both offshore and onshore applications. Designed, fabricated, and pre-tested in-house, our modules are tailored to your specific needs. What’s more, Siemens can provide turnkey, fully featured compressor stations and floating power solutions — all sole-sourced for simplicity and convenience, while reducing costs and risk.

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Minimize installation time, risk, and surface footprint

Siemens own product development and production facilities as well as decades of market experience enable single-source solutions that are custom designed, fabricated, and pre-tested to ensure the highest performance and reliability.


Siemens offers a full range of solutions that link power generation to consumer terminals and sockets. Our portfolio includes high- and medium-voltage (HV and MV) gas-insulated switchgear and MV and LV (low-voltage) air-insulated switchgear; LV switchgear; power and distribution transformers; cable connections; bus ducts; motor control centers; and all safety and energy automation.

The modularized, standardized, and perfectly matched components are pre-assembled in our comprehensive E-house solutions units, which are customized single- or multiple-story buildings, prefabricated and tested with all of the required components.

Power Generation Module

Self-contained, plug-and-play sources that generate electrical power with all necessary components assembled and fully tested.

The elimination of blackouts is of vital importance to oil and gas facilities, which also require efficiency, environmental compatibility, safety, and reliability. Siemens’ complete range of turbines is the perfect fit for these challenging applications. We deliver load-tested power generation modules that integrate all equipment necessary for operation.

Compression Module

Fully featured, assembled, and tested units with compressors and drivers for process gas, gas injection, liquefaction, boil-off gas (BOG), and regasification applications.

From production and transmission to processing, compression applications are found along the entire oil and gas value chain. To a great extent, their design determines their operational costs as well as their environmental performance and safety. Siemens offers a broad range of compressor types to meet the diverse needs of the oil and gas industry. Our plug-and-play compression modules use Siemens compressors and are supplied fully tested, including the gas turbines or electric motors with variable-speed drives.

Process / Utility Module

Special-function, pre-fabricated units for cost-effective onsite utility support of oil and gas operations.

Process and utility modules are vital in the processing functions of oil and gas facilities. Siemens supplies complete, turnkey process and utility modules using both Siemens and third-party systems, fully tested before shipping and delivery. All process equipment is engineered and procured in-house or through an engineering subcontractor. Siemens specializes in process and utility modules, for example, for fuel-gas conditioning, fully designed and tested to deliver clean gas to turbines. We can also deliver these as part of our power generation and compression modules.

Compression Stations

Siemens not only can supply compression modules, but also fully assembled, turnkey compression stations for both offshore and onshore requirements of the oil and gas industry. They include Siemens compressors and drives — typically gas turbines or electric motors — plus controls and other auxiliaries. Siemens can also provide integration services to local utilities and other offsite systems as well as associated civil works.

All compression station components are perfectly matched to work seamlessly in meeting the most rigorous customer demands, often in some of the world’s harshest environments. This means they are designed, engineered, manufactured, and tested to optimize overall system performance and reliability for continuous trouble-free operation. Siemens knowledge of large-scale compressor component interactions, especially those of rotating parts, is especially valuable and comes from decades of experience in this field. 

Benefits of a Siemens sole-source compressor station are project simplification, convenience, less risk, and significant savings in schedule and costs. After all, sole-sourcing makes procurement much easier and reduces the number of vendors involved, eliminating integration headaches and finger-pointing. It also better enables comprehensive, end-to-end lifecycle management of the compression station asset. In turn, this approach saves project and manpower requirements, while reducing schedule risk and costs associated with integration, testing, and sparing. It can also help lower total cost of ownership, boosting return on invested capital over time.


With more than 15 years of experience providing integrated solutions, we have supplied over 100 modular solutions totaling over 100,000 tons, on-time and compliant with customer specifications.

Yamal LNG

  • One of the most challenging LNG projects in the world
  • E-Houses designed to withstand up to -55 degrees Celsius conditions
  • Record delivery in less than 36 months for all E-Houses


  • Achieved significant Brazilian local content requirements while fabricating in Batam, Indonesia
  • One of the largest and heaviest offshore E-Houses
  • Record on time delivery with zero punch list items

Champion 7 Platform

  • Replacement of generators on existing Brownfield project
  • Requirements for zero blackouts on the platform fully achieved by this solution
  • Complete power solution including an integrated E-House on the same module


  • First gas achieved within 16 months (FEED study recommended 26 months)
  • ~30 percent of Siemens equipment
  • Five million safe man hours