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icon water-free operation
icon available electricity
icon gas turbine solution
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It is often impossible to put a price on the value of water, especially in regions where water is a scarce resource

A reliable solution for environmentally sound, affordable electricity Heat ReCycle™

Our Heat ReCycle solution is comprised of a gas turbine power plant with Organic Rankine Cycle- (ORC) technology. The combination of proven gas turbine and ORC technology for efficient recovery of waste heat is our response to the market challenges which various regions of the world are facing today. One billion people do not have any access to electricity, and another billion have a lack of reliable power supply; especially ones that are located in remote and isolated areas. Offering affordable electricity while taking the environment with water-free operation into account can be achieved with a reliable Heat ReCycle power plant solution.

Developing remote areas

Heat ReCycle allows for remote areas to be provided with highly efficient and reliable power generation. Unmanned operation in isolated regions enables deployment in desolate areas, supporting economic growth in these parts of the world.

Providing affordable electricity

Heat ReCycle offers electricity at the best possible cost over its lifetime while maintaining high efficiency. This means that both people and industries will have access to affordable energy for their daily needs.


Producing lower emissions

From an environmental perspective, highly efficient Heat ReCycle power plants produce lower emissions when compared to other technology that is typically used in remote areas, like diesel generators and reciprocating engines, resulting in lower NOx, CO2 and Unburned Hydrocarbon (UHC) emissions.

Offering water-free solutions

Heat ReCycle is a water-free solution. In many regions in the world, water is a scarce resource. Heat ReCycle power generation allows water to be used for people, not for power.

Heat ReCycle is a gas turbine power plant with Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology

Through the efficient combustion of fuel, the gas turbine generates electricity and produces hot exhaust gas. The thermal energy in the hot exhaust gas is recovered through a Waste Heat Recovery Unit (WHRU), using an organic fluid as the heat exchange medium. The hot organic fluid is used to power an ORC-turbine and generator to generate additional electricity. This combined cycle characterizes itself with simplicity compared to a water-/steam-cycle, at the same time completely eliminating the need for water at all.

The Organic Rankine Cycle

The Organic Rankine Cycle's principle is based on a turbogenerator working as a conventional steam turbine to transform thermal energy into mechanical energy and finally into electrical energy through an electrical generator. Instead of generating steam from water, the ORC system vaporizes an organic fluid, characterized by a molecular mass higher than that of water, which leads to a slower rotation of the turbine, lower pressures and no erosion of the metal parts and blades.

Heat ReCycle portfolio

The Heat ReCycle range of power plants provides a wide choice of different industrial and aeroderivative gas turbines. The power plant can be customized for the required project-specific boundaries, such as power output and operating load regime. Heat ReCycle power plant configurations are possible from roughly 10 to almost 100 MWe capacity.

Heat ReCycle 3 x SGT-400 reference plant

The 3 x SGT-400 Heat ReCycle reference configuration is used as an example for explaining this new power plant in further detail. Having a three-on-one (3 gas turbines on 1 ORC turbine) configuration in the typical 50-MW capacity size range enables operational flexibility. Especially for remote locations, the 50-MW size range has traditionally been served by reciprocating engines or simple cycle gas turbines. Now, Heat ReCycle offers a cleaner and more efficient alternative, while providing a great deal of flexibility through this multi-unit set-up. 

Heat ReCycle 3 x SGT-400 power plant details

The total power plant output of this configuration is in the range of roughly 52 - 58 MW, depending on the GT version and project conditions. See more plant details in the below table:

Heat ReCycle 3 x SGT-400 configuration detailsSGT-400 Heat ReCycle
Configuration3 x SGT-400
Power plant output (ISO)52 - 58 MWe
FuelNatural gas/liquid fuel/dual fuel/other
Frequency 50/60 Hz50/60 Hz
Power plant efficiency~ 47 - 50 %
Bottoming cycleOrganic Rankine Cycle
Heat transfer mediumThermal oil / Cyclopentane
NOX emissionson fuel gas with DLE, 15% O2≤ 15 ppmvd

Heat ReCycle plant overview and main components