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Intelligently optimize your operational dispatch

The ongoing transformation of the energy landscape affects the operation patterns of thermal power producers and increases operational uncertainties. Conventional dispatch methods involving ranking tests are not able to deal with all operational uncertainties, as for example they do not consider real-time sensor data to capture the actual state of the units. This situation requires new enhanced solutions to help you to find the optimal dispatch for your covered equipment at every moment. We offer such a solution by combining OEM expertise and artificial intelligence technologies.

Product overview

We have developed myDispatch with the aim to simplify your day-to-day work by optimizing your operational dispatch with respect to ever-changing uncertainties and boundary conditions like electricity price, gas fuel cost, and weather condition. This is facilitated by looking at the sensor data and developing a unique digital twin.

This unique digital twin is a hybrid solution based on OEM thermodynamic model and state-of-the-art machine learning models. By utilizing a hybrid solution, we provide real power output based on the actual performance and weather forecast, and can help you to optimize full- and part-load operational points.

  • Predict power and steam production schedule up to 2 weeks ahead by forecasting the upcoming demand, electricity, and gas prices based on official spot price market indices and/or your Power Purchase Agreements.
  • Facilitate fuel cost and CO2 emission reduction by guiding you to attain optimal dispatch of your entire fleet to reach improved net efficiency.
  • Support you to maximize power production and decrease your trading margins by better and more accurate prediction of the current available capacity.
  • Simulate various scenarios powered by your thermodynamic digital twin that is regularly updated.
  • myDispatch is a new service that can be utilized at any plant where the power producer is running its units based on dispatchable demand, and where a reliable supply of electricity and efficient operation are vital.
  • The myDispatch service element can be offered as part of a Customer Technical Services agreement and requires collection of data and a remote connection.

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Support Services and Implementation

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