Plant Software as a Service (Plant-SaaS)

Revolutionize your plant engineering with Siemens Energy Plant-SaaS - the game-changing engineering solution designed to reduce complexity, minimize time-to-market and optimize asset value.

Plant-SaaS augments the established engineering software COMOS by integrating process industry-specific content and workflows, allowing you to focus on the most valuable parts of your engineering, without the need for time-consuming customization. Additional software modules for scoping and costing as well as 3D visualization complete the Plant-SaaS environment. The software as a service approach makes it easy to scale according to need in each project phase and the software comes fully maintained.

Subscribe to Plant-SaaS to benefit from Siemens Energy’s extensive engineering expertise and years of experience in applying standards like KKS and RDS-PP in your new energy and process industries. Rely on our experts to train your teams and contractors, ensuring optimal utilization of your engineering capabilities.

Invite your equipment and solution providers to work directly in your Plant-SaaS environment, significantly reduce handover costs and create a living, as-built engineering twin of your plant. This strategic asset, as valuable as the physical plant itself, will build the ideal foundation to enable your growth journey.


What can Plant-SaaS do for you?

COMOS and Walkinside are powerful engineering and visualization tools, but it takes big efforts to customize them to the industry needs. That is why we as Siemens Energy created Plant-SaaS, an engineering environment that is ready-to-use for process industries and power-to-x and includes workflows that will save you precious time.

Watch the demo video or schedule a meeting via the form below to see for yourself.

Who benefits from Plant-SaaS?

Project developers

Elevate your financial decisions while decreasing project uncertainties.

Owner / Operators

Reduce construction, operation, and energy costs through Plant-SaaS’s strategic features.



High-quality engineering data reduces costs and ensures seamless handover.

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