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In the fiber business as in other industries, electrical power supply requirements are becoming more and more complex. In addition to the traditional need to reliably, safely, and economically distribute electricity from the generator or incoming grid down to the consumers, there are new emerging challenges, including the need to implement governmental directives to save power, and to utilize the growing amount of renewable energy that's being fed into the grid, which is making grid control increasingly complex. The latter can result in voltage fluctuations and even cause plant downtime. SIPAPER Power allows you to safely and reliably engineer, plan, and realize your factory power distribution system while providing you with the tools to meet today's new demands and challenges.

Get the performance you need – with intelligent power distribution

A pulp and paper mill places intensive demands on electricity supply and power management: High electricity loads must be distributed to different energy consumers safely, reliably, and economically. To satisfy these requirements with maximum efficiency, SIPAPER Power acts as a fully integrated electricity supply and power management system in combination with PCS 7 Power Control. It all starts at the planning stage of your paper mill’s new power network with the high, medium, and low voltage switchgear.

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