Prefabricated power solutions – Flexible, robust, portable, plug and play

Prefabricated substations with up to 420 kV 

Siemens Energy provides a large range of prefabricated substations that are equally suited for either temporary or permanent use in challenging grid expansion- and maintenance programs or as emergency response.

Besides standard configuration, Siemens Energy can also include most environmentally friendly solution with Ester filled transformers and clean air insulated switchgear (Blue GIS) as well as digital substation options. To complete the one-stop package we also offer lifetime service.

Technology for extra speed and flexibility

Do you want to refurbish your distribution infrastructure while keeping it in service? 

Whether as resiliency units for fast emergency response or for substation upgrades and refurbishments, trailer-mounted substations are the best choice for temporary use and whenever fast deployment is essential. They provide maximum flexibility and comprise one or several compact modules, e.g. power transformer, high- or medium-voltage switchgear, cables, control and protection equipment, communication, monitoring and auxiliary power systems.

The trailer’s external dimensions comply with local road transportation requirements. Its base-frame protects the electrical equipment from mechanical stress during transport.

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Do you want to simplify and speed up your project?

E-houses are the preferred solution for permanent deployment, particularly in challenging environments where risks need to be minimized.
The portable plug-and-play E-houses are complete substations that come pre-wired and factory tested, this way drastically reducing necessary on-site work. The single-lift steel-frame construction with a protective shelter comprises switchgear as well as secondary and auxiliary systems in one or more modules for on-site assembly. All standard switchgear configurations, such as single or double busbar, ring as well as one and a half breaker are available.

Depending on voltage level and transportation restrictions, the E-house can be fitted with a built-in overhead crane or removable roof to simplify maintenance work.

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Are you looking for an answer how to cope with challenging on-site conditions?

Skid-mounted solutions can be used for temporary or permanent use. Designs for indoor- and outdoor applications are available. They have similar benefits like an E-house, but no protective shelter. Depending on customer requirements Siemens Energy can deliver a fully pre-commissioned substation solution equipped with power transformers as well as high- and medium voltage, making it the most cost-effective solution to simplify your on-site schedule. Skid-mounted solutions can be delivered with GIS, AIS and Dead Tank arrangements.

Efficient project schedules, cost effectiveness, flexibility and improved on-site management are the main reasons to apply skid mounted solutions.

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Is your existing transmission network prepared for unforeseen events?

Fast deployable, independent grid substations up to 420 kV for Transmission System Operators are increasing the availability of energy transmission systems. The substation is designed for road transportation and dimensions of each unit meet local road transportation requirements. Completely equipped it contains high voltage GIS, transformer unit, control, protection, cabling and power supply.  

The independent grid substations up to 420 kV can be installed plug and play and commissioned in days at the location of demand.

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Prefabricated power solutions brochure
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Agility in grid development and resilience in operation

High-voltage E-houses, skids, and mobile substations up to 420 kV from Siemens Energy support already today numerous of our utility and industry customers to make their extension and maintenance plans more flexible, to speed up their project schedules and to secure grid resilience.

How portable power solutions pay off

Siemens Energy portable power solutions offer various benefits that help save considerable amounts of time and capital expenditures in different applications.

Typical fields of applications

Resilience and agility in grid management

Siemens Energy portable power solutions can increase the resiliency of a power grid and help ensure uninterrupted service. They provide a quick and efficient solution for the emergency restoration of power in the case of equipment failure. 

They can also serve as a temporary bypass substation to enable major maintenance or refurbishment programs to be carried out in an optimized manner. Moreover, they are an ideal backup to enable quick grid reinforcement when it comes to handling seasonal peak loads or fast grid extensions.

On-site works will be led to a minimum. Siemens Energy prefabricated power solutions are available for permanent installation. Erection and pretesting in a clean area assure high quality and fast delivery. We are your partner to keep your process running.

Short project time, efficient and proven design. Preinstalled and pretested prefabricated power solution from Siemens Energy is the answer to control project risks. Siemens Energy portable power solutions are available for permanent installation. We have solutions to energize your renewable power plant efficiently in time.

Grid connection wherever and whenever required

Siemens Energy prefabricated power solutions are the versatile temporary or permanent answer for challenging grid expansion and back-up cases

Our services for you

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Prefabricated power solutions
PDF (6 MB)

Quick and reliable grid connection in practice

Siemens Energy's portable power solutions have proven their potential as a powerful problem solver in many projects around the globe. Here’s an overview of some particularly interesting cases.