Relief & Disposal System Services

Leader in supporting the process industry, with more than 4,000 studies conducted worldwide, we offer a best-in-class approach, expertise and powerful solution to manage your relief and disposal systems; ensuring compliance with process safety management (PSM) standards while helping our client's leverage their investments to maximize operational throughput to sustain profitability.

Our Solutions in Relief and Disposal Systems


Understanding our client’s engineering and operational challenges


Myriad of solutions for engineering and operational challenges


Enterprise-level applications for process safety asset management

Because experience has shown us what to look for, we perform plant-wide audits and more efficiently, with minimal disruption to your operations, while providing our customer with the following benefits.

Improved facility safety

Improved process safety position and reduced risk of loss of life, downtime, lost production and profit

Operate with confidence

Peace of m9ind knowing your relief system has been thoroughly review and the relief system documentation is up-to-date, in a central database

Make change effectively

Increased efficiency in executing MOC’s, HAZOP’s or PHA’s with potential reduction in insurance and maintenance cost

Engineering Services

Pressure Relief Data Management

  • Development and critical review of pressure relief analysis practices
  • Audit pressure relief systems management processes
  • Resolution for PHA concerns related to relief and flare systems
  • Gap closure for relief systems documentation

Vapor Disposal System Analysis

  • Flare header analysis
  • Atmospheric disposal system analysis
  • Gas dispersion modeling
  • Flare radiation modeling
  • Quantitative risk analysis (QRA) on flare systems
  • Disposal system mitigation planning

Pressure Relief Analysis

  • System and equipment based pressure relief analysis
  • Pressure relief valve and flare design verification
  • Engineering analysis of pressure relief valve operating stability
  • Dynamic simulations of relief and flare systems
  • Emergency depressuring modeling
  • Process unit safe throughput analysis

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