SGen-1000A generator series

Proven two-pole air-cooled generator for large power applications       

Excellent performance and outstanding efficiency

Our air-cooled generator series offers you a competitive advantage by providing ratings of up to 370 MVA with operationally proven technology. The SGen-1000A series with 180–370 MVA is optimized for large power applications. We continuously improve our generators and focus on increased reliability, improved serviceability, high efficiency, and optimum plant integration. Our generator designs benefit from more than 150 years of engineering experience going back to the invention of the electrical generator by Werner von Siemens in 1866.

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Highlights of the SGen-1000A series generator

The entire SGen-1000A series is optimized for world-class efficiency of up to 98.9% and stability during load changes and flexible operation. They are designed for 10,000 start/stop cycles during their operational life, making them a cost-effective alternative to hydrogen- or water-cooled generators for industrial applications up to 370 MVA.

Our experts have designed a product line that meets all major market and application requirements. By applying our modular design philosophy and using pre-designed options, we can customize your generator the way you need it with minimum lead time.

The SGen-1000A series is designed and manufactured for ease of use. Our robust and proven design features pre-assembled components to shorten the commissioning period. The self-supporting structure of the base frame with integrated cover, machine auxiliaries, and exciter set facilitates easy on-site installation.

There are more than 1,000 air-cooled generators in operation. Our design, engineering, sales, project management, manufacturing and testing experts work closely together in one location in Erfurt, Germany. By using the latest manufacturing technology and process automation we ensure outstanding quality.

Technology overview

Our generators are designed using our building-block system with optimized diameter and length sizing to achieve perfect alignment with your plant and the grid requirements. Grid studies can be performed. Many more options are available including variants of the cooling system and the position of the generator leads. All parts and connections are readily accessible and the enclosure can be easily removed for installation or maintenance.

High-voltage 3-phase electrical generator with a cylindrical rotor and maintenance-free stator core. The base design is compliant with IEC and IEEE/ANSI standards and, optionally, many others.

Direct radial air cooling of the rotor winding with uniform temperature distribution using Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis ensures optimized use of material and increased efficiency for optimal performance.

Flexibility and customization

Our modular design philosophy, using pre-designed options, ensures that we can customize your generator the way you need it. The generator matches your turbine's performance and provides margin for operational flexibility.

Brushless or static excitation for your individual application

You can choose between either rotating brushless exciter machines with stationary field exciter and rotating bridge connector rectifier or static excitation using collector rings with power taken from stationary excitation equipment for your application.

Adaptable coupling design

Coupling design can be adapted to different turbine types and any manufacturer's turbine equipment.

Robust design

Mechanical forces from operation and transient events, such as short circuits, are safely transmitted from the stator core to the base frame and foundation via welded-on spring elements. The self-supporting structure of the base frame with integrated cover, machine auxiliaries and exciter set allows for easy on-site installation.

MICALASTIC® insulation technology

The MICALASTIC® high-voltage insulation of the generator stator coils enables a maintenance-free stator core.

Innovative manufacturing technology

We use state-of-the-art manufacturing technology for high quality and precision.

Service and maintenance

Our proven installation and maintenance concept sets a benchmark in reliability and availability. Professional installation of the generators ensures world-class availability and reliability for the entire lifecycle of the generator. For minimized downtime, we align the maintenance intervals of the generator with those of the turbine.

Short construction and commissioning times

Our generators are designed for easy installation. With their extensive experience in commissioning, our certified engineers can help you to achieve even faster start-up times and smooth operation.

Flexible maintenance and service – where and when you need it

You can benefit from the close collaboration between service, engineering and manufacturing teams through a network of factories and service centers strategically located throughout the world. We offer service solutions to increase the efficiency, reliability and availability of your assets.

Remote Diagnostic Service

Remote Diagnostic Service (RDS) help you to optimize your asset production by turning data into value. In a proactive approach, we monitor the complete range of oil and gas, and industrial rotating equipment in more than 80 countries to identify a potential problem before it impacts operation. We aim to maximize the availability and reliability of our customers' installed base.

The benefits of our Remote Diagnostic Service

RDS is installed easily and quickly. It offers fast, secure online help and advanced troubleshooting without the need for a site visit. Rotor dynamic data will be correlated and analyzed with respect to operational data.

Continuous and secure data exchange

Turning data into value for our customers is only possible through continuous and secure data exchange. We combine your operational excellence with our OEM engineering knowledge. Daily monitoring by remote diagnostic engineers – supported by advanced analytic software – is the key.

Technical data

Frequency50 Hz60 Hz
Apparent power25–180 MVA25–180 MVA
Efficiencyup to 98.5%up to 98.5%
Designed for power factor0.800.85
Terminal voltage6.3–15.75 kV6.3–15.75 kV
Frequency50 Hz60 Hz
Apparent power180–370 MVA180–370 MVA
Efficiencyup to 98.9%up to 98.9%
Designed for power factor0.800.85
Terminal voltage10.5–20 kV10.5–20 kV

The SGen-100A-2P is suitable for the following applications and industries:

Air-cooled generators fit to most steam and gas turbines on the market

Flexible gas and steam power plants will remain a key component of a demand-driven power supply.
They form the solid foundation of a diverse and clean energy mix – indispensable for meeting the world's current and future challenges. Our air-cooled generators complement the turbine packages of any manufacturer and meet grid and environmental requirements as well as specific customer needs.

Generators for steam power plants

Our generators can be flexibly integrated into combined cycle power plants (CCPP), combined heat and power (CHP) and industrial power plants.

Generators for gas-fired power plants

We supply generators for large simple or combined cycle power plants, suitable for peak, intermediate or base load duty, as well as for cogeneration applications.

Operational safety and special explosion protection solutions

Oil and gas power applications, especially offshore applications, require low-weight generators with explosion protection solutions (e.g. pressurized or non-sparking) and entail stringent electrical standards. We can supply solutions for a broad variety of applications.

Generators for onshore use

You can benefit from our proven track record in oil and gas applications ranging from oil fields and refineries to the petrochemical industry.

Generators for offshore use

Our generators comply with recognized standards all over the world (e.g., API, IEEE, IEC) as well as specifications set by customers such as Saudi Aramco, Shell and BP.

Replacement of older, high-maintenance generators

With our Footprint™ generator concept we offer solutions to replace older, high-maintenance water-, hydrogen- or air-cooled generators with state-of-the-art SGen-100A-2P generators. The modular design of our generators can be adapted to match existing foundations and plant interfaces to minimize reconstruction costs and installation time. This can be a time- and cost-effective alternative to repairing an existing generator.

Technical benefits

  • Available for various types of power plants, our generators can be efficiently adapted to local site conditions.
  • In addition, they can increase the rated power and efficiency of a power plant.
  • By replacing the older equipment, you also reduce the risk of finding unexpected signs of aging or damage in the existing generator.
  • For the replacement of non-OEM equipment, 3D measurement is available to adapt existing foundations.

Reduced cost

The existing foundation and electrical connections as well as the axial shaft center height can be re-used. When an aging water- or hydrogen-cooled generator is replaced, existing high-maintenance auxiliaries will be reduced. Operating and maintenance costs can be reduced and the potential service life will be extended.

Transmission grid stabilization

Rotating synchronous condensers are a proven, reliable solution for ancillary grid services guaranteeing frequency and voltage stability, plus the ability to ride through grid disturbances. Today’s emerging power systems are dominated by converter connected renewable power producers which are susceptible to decreased short circuit power and system inertia, making them more sensitive to electrical faults and sudden load imbalances. Rotating synchronous condensers are significantly less sensitive to these issues.

Grid benefits

Synchronous condensers have the unique ability to respond inherently without any time delay to fault or load imbalance events. They increase the short circuit power by their overload capability and improve the rate of change of frequency (RoCoF) by the physical inertia contribution. Furthermore synchronous condensers provide dynamic voltage control by supplying and absorbing reactive power to and from the grid.

Technology explained

A synchronous condenser solution comprises a generator connected to the high voltage network through a transformer. It is started by either an electric motor or a static frequency converter. Once synchronized with the network, the generator behaves like a synchronous motor without load, compensating reactive power and stabilizing the system, in case of a fault or imbalance events. 

Natural sources for power generation

You can benefit from our fleet experience using natural sources for energy production. Adapted for steam turbines, our generators are used for biomass, waste-to-energy, concentrated solar power (CSP) and geothermal power plants.

Concentrated solar power (CSP) plants

Solar power technologies are an economical and efficient alternative with a huge potential of power generation, capitalizing on a fuel that is both free and abundant, without greenhouse gas emissions.

Biomass plants

Combusting biomass feedstock to create electricity does not contribute to global warming and helps to avoid the release of other harmful emissions. Also, viable fuels are produced in many industries with no additional processing costs involved, further improving the financial feasibility of new plants on favorable sites.

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Proven in commercial operation: SGen-100A-2P/1000A series reference highlights

More than 1,000 SGen-100A-2P/SGen-1000A generators are in commercial operation around the globe.

Nevinnomisskaya DSPS, Russia (2009)

  • Customer: Power Machines
  • Power output: 227 MW
    Apparent power: 227 MVA
    Terminal voltage: 15.75 kV
    Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Scope: 1 x SGT5-4000F gas turbine, 1 x SGen5-1000A generator, and SPPA-T3000 I&C system

FPCC Mai-Liao, Taiwan (2013/2015)

  • Original OEM: Brush
  • Power output: 3 x 105 MVA
    Frequency: 60 Hz
    Terminal voltage: 11 kV
  • Scope: SGen-100A-2P generator

Bjaeverskov, Denmark (2013)

  • Customer: Energinet DK
  • Reactive power: +220 / -160 MVAr
    Short circuit power: 795 MVA
    Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Scope: SGen-100A-2P generator
    Standalone synchronous condenser solution providing the transmission system with short-circuit power in addition to reactive power control

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