SGT5-2000E gas turbine

Reliable, robust, and flexible power generation

The SGT5-2000E gas turbine is a proven, robust engine for the 50 Hz market, used in simple cycle or combined cycle processes, with or without combined heat and power.

It is suitable for all load ranges, including peak load, and offers outstanding fuel flexibility: You can use low-calorific gases, gases containing CO₂, H₂S and N₂ or crude oil and other liquid fuels with high viscosity. In addition, it provides low NOₓ emissions, even in the part load range.


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Highlights of the SGT5-2000E gas turbine

The extensive fleet operating experience of the SGT5-2000E lets you benefit from best-in-class fleet reliability of > 99%. Its robust turbine design is continuously enhanced by high-performance upgrades.

Thanks to its fast start-up capability, you can achieve full load in only about 12 min. With its fast load change capability, in turn, you will meet the most stringent grid requirements for optimal frequency stabilization.

The SGT5-2000E offers dual-fuel capability and excellent fuel flexibility:  It can be fired with low calorific gases or gases containing CO₂, H₂S and N₂, as well as with crude oil and other liquid fuels with high viscosity. The engine, equipped with DLE burners, is capable to burn up to 30 vol% of hydrogen (H2).
It provides reliable start-up and changeover between fuels. The automatic changeover from the primary to the secondary fuel can be carried out at reduced base load.

This robust engine is suitable for a wide range of ambient conditions such as cold climates, hot and dry or dusty environments. For hot and dry conditions, we offer these options to increase your power output:

  • An evaporative cooler or an inlet air chiller with heat exchangers to avoid performance degradation
  • A Wet Compression (WetC) system to enhance turbine performance by reducing compressor inlet temperatures and increasing the mass flow throughout the turbine

The SGT5-2000E is designed for easy maintenance to reduce outage times:

  • Rotor de-stacking/re-stacking on site
  • Blades can be individually replaced without rotor lifting
  • Vane carriers can be removed without rotor lifting
  • Minor inspections can be done through the spacious combustion chambers

Ingenious design to the core

The SGT5-2000E core engine has a horizontally split casing and two walk-in combustion chambers, equipped with individually replaceable ceramic tiles. This design allows a hot-gas-path inspection without cover lift.  The 16-stage axial-flow compressor with variable-pitch inlet guide vanes enhances peak load operation and supports frequency stabilization.

The robust 4-stage turbine incorporates the latest blade and vane design for stable, improved performance. The hybrid burners are able to operate in premix and diffusion mode with natural gas, fuel oil and special fuels such as heavy oil and refinery residues. With the Low-NOₓ combustion system, single-digit NOₓ emissions can be achieved.

Superior fuel flexibility

Due to its external silo-type combustion chambers, the engine even runs on ash-forming fuels like crude or heavy-fuel oil (HFO).

Excellent part load performance

High part load efficiency and quick load changes due to fast-acting variable inlet guide vane.

Short installation times

The gas turbine package for the SGT5-2000E consists of the core turbine, the generator (SGen5-100A-2P) and auxiliary systems. We offer you a standardized basic design with options geared to your specific requirements. By using standard components and preassembly or prepackaging we achieve short installation times, with staggered delivery and early shipment of main components. We group subsystems and install them in separate auxiliary packages to minimize field assembly.

SGT5-2000E package layout

Designed for short installation times, all package piping is prefabricated to minimize pipe cleaning and welding on site. 

Package footprint:

  • Length: 47 m (155 ft)
  • Width: 30 m (100 ft)
  • GT enclosure height: 9 m (30 ft)

Package auxiliaries

The package auxiliaries include the air intake system, exhaust gas system, power control center, instrumentation and control, fuel and lube oil system and electrical systems.

The SGT5-2000E fires up

We offer both simple cycle and combined cycle power plants with or without cogeneration.

SGT5-2000E-based combined cycle plants (SCC5-2000E) have a fast-start capability. You can achieve combined-cycle base load within less than 12 minutes for start-up until full load with a start-up gradient of 30 MW/min. High load gradients allow for fast load changes. With excellent peaking capability, and high part load efficiency complying with emission regulations down to lower part load, this is your profitable solution for competitive energy markets with fluctuating power demand.

SGT5-2000E simple cycle power plant

SGT5-2000E simple cycle power plants are your ideal solution for peak load or standby. They can be commissioned and installed fast and cost-efficiently. The plants enable quick start-ups and fast load-following. 

SGT5-2000E multi-shaft combined cycle plants

The SCC5-2000E multi-shaft combined cycle plants are based on one, two or more SGT5-2000E gas turbine packages and a steam turbine.


SCC5-2000E 1x1: 275 MW, 53.3% efficiency
SCC5-2000E 2x1: 551 MW, 53.3% efficiency

Optimized for short outages to maximize availability

We offer Long Term Programs (LTP), overhaul services, field service, spare parts, reconditioning of components and modernization upgrades. Whether scheduled service or short-term support, our specialists are there for you, on-site all over the world.

The SGT5-2000E generator package is optimized for short outages. Multiple borescopic inspection ports allow inspection of compressor and turbine blades without lifting covers. The heat shields on the combustion chamber are individually replaceable. All stationary and moving blades and all stationary blade and vane carriers can be replaced individually with the rotor in place.

Service-friendly design reduces maintenance outage time

The built disc-type rotor with radial Hirth serrations and one central tie bolt allows for on-site de-stacking and repair. Horizontal casing joints ensure good accessibility of all components.

Easy combustion chamber on-site maintenance

Manholes at the combustion chambers permit easy access for inspection and maintenance activities.

Fuel flexibility matters

The SGT5-2000E offers outstanding fuel flexibility: It burns natural gas, LNG, syngas, blast furnace gas, biogas, ethane, propane, condensate, distillate oil, heavy and crude oils, biodiesel, alcohols, naphtha or kerosene.

The gas turbine can also be fired with low-calorific gases or gases containing CO2, H2S and N2,or with up to 30 vol% of hydrogen (H2), as well as with crude oil and other liquid fuels with high viscosity.

Robust combustion system with silo chamber

The large-space silo combustion ch­ambers enable the combustion of fuels with high viscosity.

Fast fuel switchover

Quick online fuel changeover from gas to oil and vice versa enhances operational flexibility.

Low emissions

The SGT5-2000E provides low NOₓ emissions, even in the partload range or using liquid fuels.
NOₓ emissions at 15% O₂ dry:

  • Emissions on fuel gas at 15% O2, without water injection: NOX ≤ 25 ppmvd | CO ≤ 10 ppmvd

Wet fuel oil operation

For fuel oil operation, the SGT5-2000E uses water injection to control NOX emissions.

NOX  emissions on fuel oil at 15% O2, with water injection: ≤ 42 ppmvd

Part load emission compliance

The SGT5-2000E complies with NOX and CO emission standards even in 50% part load operation.

Technical data

Performance data for mechanical drive

Power output198 MW
Fuel (examples)Natural gas, LNG, sour gases, distillate oil, biodiesel, crude oil, heavy fuel oil (HFO), kerosene, jet fuel, condensate. Other fuels on request
Frequency50 Hz
Gross efficiency37.6%
Heat rate9,582 kJ/kWh (9,082 Btu/kWh)
Turbine speed3,000 rpm
Pressure ratio12.8 : 1
Exhaust mass flow558 kg/s (1,230 lb/s)
Exhaust temperature536°C (997°F)
NOₓ emissions≤ 15 ppmvd at 15% O₂ on fuel gas (without water injection for NOₓ control), ≤ 42 ppmvd at 15% O₂ on fuel oil (with water injection for NOₓ control)
NOₓ emissions at 15% O₂ on fuel gas (with DLE) at ISO ambient conditions.

SCC5-2000E: Performance data for combined cycle power plant

Siemens combined cycle power plantSCC5-2000E 1x1
SCC5-2000E 2x1
Gross plant power output290 MW581 MW
Gross plant efficiency55.6%55.9%
Gross heat rate6,474 kJ/kWh (6,136 Btu/kWh)6,440 kJ/kWh (6,104 Btu/kWh)
Number of gas turbines12
All combined cycle performance is based on 2 pressure, no reheat.

Physical dimensions and weight

 Core engine
Approx. weight189,000 kg (417,000 lb)
Length10.3 m (34 ft)
Width4.0 m (13 ft)
Height4.0 m (13 ft)
Dimensions exclude combustion chambers.

The SGT5-2000E is suitable for the following applications and industries:


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SGT5-2000E reference highlights

Today, around 300 turbines have been sold, and additionally  more than 200 turbines are under license. Our installed fleet has accumulated over 21 million equivalent operating hours. The SGT5-2000E fleet's overall best-in-class ­reliability exceeds 99.5%.

Azura-Edo, Nigeria (2018)

  • Customer: Azura Power West Africa Limited
  • Power output: 461 MW
  • Scope: 3x SGT5-2000E gas turbines, 3x SGen5-100A generators, SPPA-T3000 control system

Az Zour, Kuweit (2004, upgrade to CC 2010)

  • Customer: Ministry of Electricity & Water
  • Power output: 1,600 MW
  • Scope: 2 x SCC5-2000E 4x1 with 8 x SGT5-2000E gas turbines (predecessor named V94.2), 8 x SGen5-100A-2P generators (predecessor named TLRI), 2 x SST5-4000 steam turbines, 2 x SGen5-2000H generators, and SPPA-T3000 control system

Geregu II, Nigeria (2013)

  • Customer:  Niger Delta Power Holding Company (NDPHC)
  • Power output: 434 MW
  • Scope: 3 x SSC5-2000E with 3 x SGT5-2000E gas turbines, 3 x SGen5-100A-2P generators, and SPPA-T3000 control system 

Townsville, Australia (1999, upgrade to CC 2005)

  • Customer: RATCH-Australia
  • Power output: 243 MW
  • Scope: 1 x SCC5-2000E 1x1 with 1 x SGT5-2000E gas turbine (predecessor named V94.2), 1 x SGen5-100A-2P generator (predecessor named TLRI), 1 x steam turbine, and SPPA-T3000 control system

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