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We offer a complete line of monitoring devices with a variety of innovative functionalities that can be perfectly matched to your requirements, ensuring that impending faults will be detected as early as possible and before the security of supply is compromised. Discover supply security at an entirely new level in our portfolio.

Overview of our surge arrester monitoring

Monitors assist in the early detection of relevant arrester changes and support the security of supply. Siemens Energy offers a range of analog counters as well as digital monitoring devices.

Our range of monitoring devices

Digital monitoring


Added transparency, enhanced productivity and advanced intelligence

Thanks to Sensarresters™ all main electrical functionalities of a surge arrester are now connective, allowing you to check the surge arrester’s status via online applications in real time. Together with data analytics, they increase efficiency and sustainability of your assets and operations. 

Sensarresters™ will provide real-time remote access to surge arrester monitoring data.

  • Wireless cloud access to recorded data via app (IOS & Android) or web browser
  • World map view of all Siemens Energy Sensproducts™ within one app (transformers, GIS, circuit breakers, instrument transformers, surge arresters)
  • Dashboard with latest surge arrester values within each substation at a glance:
    - Leakage currents
    - Surge counts
    - Logbook of last events
    - Ambient temperature and weather data
    - Total time of operation
  • Trend curve analysis over complete lifetime with warning levels
  • Historical data within a chosen time period
  • Event log showing leakage current curve and weather condition at surge event
  • Alert function for critical surge arrester conditions via Email or push notification
  • Maintenance-free for lifetime, automated firmware updates via cloud solution

ACM-basic 3EX5 080-0 and ACM-advanced 3EX5 080-1

The basic version 3EX5 080-0 of the Siemens Energy device for basic arrester condition monitoring (ACM) provides a wide range of standard functions, including total leakage current measurement and display, surge current impulse metering and display, 3rd harmonic analysis of leakage current with compensation for network-dependent harmonics, temperature correction, and condition indication by means of LEDs in the colors of traffic lights.

If the basic version is already in use on a surge arrester, it is possible to upgrade to the advanced version using a USB wireless module, free software, and a specific access license, without having to modify the arrester. It then has access to the entire range of functions of this powerful monitoring system.

The ACM 3EX5 080-1 monitoring device features a wireless USB module to allow for direct, wireless communication with a PC or notebook.

You can use the USB wireless module (3EX5 086) and free “ACM Service Tool” software to connect the monitoring device and PC using the existing USB port. The Service Tool software makes it possible to display, analyze and evaluate the measured and calculated data on a PC. It can also be used to modify and store certain customer-specific parameters (surge arrester type, date/time correction, location, name, etc.) and perform software updates.

Analog monitoring

Surge counters

The 3EX5 030 surge counter is a traditional monitor for surge arresters. It is integrated into the arrester ground connection and counts the surge arrester responses that have occurred.

The 3EX5 050 surge counter with leakage current meter also monitors and displays the arrester leakage current.

In addition to the functions described here, versions 3EX5 030-1 and 3EX5 050-1 can also be equipped with a passive auxiliary contact for remote metering.

Counter for remote monitoring 3EX5 060/62

The 3EX5 060 sensor is a surge arrester monitor that is integrated into the arrester ground wire. It counts the surge arrester responses that occur and continuously measures leakage current.

The 3EX5 062 display visualizes the surge arrester responses detected by the sensor and the leakage current at a convenient location. The display can be installed at a distance of up to 200 meters.

The display unit also provides a connection for measuring the leakage current locally – for example, using an oscilloscope (measuring lead available as accessory).

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You can find details on our monitoring devices here.

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