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Worldwide, offshore wind farms are growing in number and size as global demand for renewable energy increases. Additionally, the subsidies for wind power are ending. To keep pace, reliable and cyber-secured control solutions are required to optimize operations and to manage the fleet of wind and other generating units over the complete lifecycle. Advancements in offshore wind generation controls enable operators to monitor and automate individual turbines and their communication networks. SCADA technology allows for these individual offshore wind turbine generators to be interconnected and viewed through a single platform. Tools and systems for direct marketing of wind power on the intraday, spot, and balancing energy market help wind farm operators remain competitive.  

Interview with Angelo Verardi from EnBW He Dreiht Windpark

Learn more about the requirements for wind offshore automation, trends and challenges for the future, cybersecurity regulations and maintenance aspects for the whole lifecycle of windfarms from Angelo Verardi, Project Engineer from EnBW Windpark He Dreiht.

Angelo Verardi from the 900 MW EnBW He Dreiht windpark talks about the requirements for wind offshore

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Omnivise T3000 SCADA enables easy operation of multiple Remote Plants from a Central Control Center over the entire lifecycle of your wind farm.

  • Integrated controls on a single platform for the entire lifecycle of your wind farm
    For process engineering and auxiliary power, Omnivise T3000 improves the transparency of the installations and thus improves the quality of operator control over the entire lifecycle.
  • Scalable and future-proof system for the entire lifecycle
    Having a scalable SCADA system helps you to stay prepared for future opportunities and requirements (e.g., direct marketing or integration of hydropower).
  • State-of-the-art
    Control systems equipped with an IEC 61850 interface are well established on the market and are already state-of-the-art.
  • Cyber-secure today and in the future
    Omnivise T3000 is officially certified by TÜV SÜD according to IEC 62443, the leading standard for IT security for industrial communication networks.


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Main Automation System for Offshore Wind

Main Automation System for Offshore Wind

Direct Energy Marketing for Offshore Wind

Direct Energy Marketing for Offshore Wind

Direct Energy Marketing automates the process of providing physical dispatch plans to generating sites and provides greater transparency across an entire generation fleet. 

Direct Energy Marketing is a connectivity enabler providing: 

  • Platform for inter-site dispatch
  • Broker for data from Transmission System Operator (TSO), forecasting, plant systems
  • A way to manage past, present and future data
  • Central monitoring of wind farms with robust, fault tolerant communications to regional control centers
  • Set point interface to wind farm Omnivise T3000 SCADA
  • Ability to work across multiple reserve markets, languages and time zones
  • Way to calculate alarms based on operational performance and financial data
  • Ability to notify operators of upcoming events
  • Low scale-up costs


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Virtual Power Plant is a decision support tool to optimize revenue and resource use based on the combination of different generation technologies.
For example, we can help you to maximize your benefit if you decide to expand your offshore wind farm with hydrogen storage: Every 15 minutes, Virtual Power Plant delivers forecast data to the electrolyzer on wind feed-in, as well as gas and electricity consumption. The receiving interface converts this data directly into control commands for the electrolyzer.
Depending on price forecasts and the current utilization of the gas and electricity network, the VPP remotely starts and stops the electrolyzer, while at the same time standing by to deliver control reserve to the national grid at any moment.
The fast-response nature of an electrolysis plant allows to participate in the balancing energy and primary control power markets.
Virtual Power Plant allows you to make a decisive contribution to a stable power supply and at the same time actively promote the economic efficiency of green hydrogen.

Opportunities enabled by Virtual Power Plant include: 

  • Dispatch between all generating units and storage systems
  • Real-time optimization and efficiency increase of units and assets
  • Forecast of energy demand and energy production, as well as market price
  • Energy management (including storage, hydrogen, offshore, gas, etc.)


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Virtual Power Plant

Optimize your remuneration with VPP from Siemens Energy


Omnivise Asset Management - Proven by our experts, ready for yours

Omnivise Asset Management is a modern software suite combining deep domain know-how, the latest technologies and methods, and modern software design. Its four modular applications cover all power generation core processes and domains, supporting both local and remote teams. It is built on a single platform, so users can draw on the same data and insights. Seamless workflows between applications enable cross-role collaboration, while supporting broader use cases, such as Remote Operator Rounds & Inspections, Asset Performance Management, Full Plant Monitoring, and Remote Operations up to  Autonomous Plant. 


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