3D Scanning Services

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From a single turbine blade up to an entire power plant.

3D Scanning is a major step into working with fully digitalized assets.

The 3D Metrology team of Siemens Energy has years of experience since the early days of laserscanning and provides innovative solutions for digitizing everything from a turbine blade up to an entire power plant.

Our main services include

  • Highly accurate (~ ±25 μm) 3D scanning of parts
  • Reverse Engineering (Reconstruction Scan to CAD)
  • Highly accurate (~ ±1 mm / 25m) coloured 3D scanning of facilities
  • 4D Planning and Simulation based on 3D Scanning data
  • Virtual Reality Walkthrough
  • Scan to CAD deviation analysis
  • Advanced metrogical analysis based on 3D Scanning data
  • Global Service Network

3D Scanning

3D scanning opens up many new possibilities. One of our key applications is maximising planning security for complex modifications and upgrades, such as core engine exchange.

Best service in the world

Whatever you need, whereever you need it. Siemens Energy has the right technology to scan parts and facilites and postprocess the acquired data for every purpose.

3D Scanning of components

Siemens Energy provides 3D Scanning Services with latest scanning technologies.