Our teams investigate the fundamentals of power engineering equipment - exploring design limits by various theoretical approaches and measurement methods.

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Our teams investigate the fundamentals of power engineering equipment - exploring design limits by various theoretical approaches and measurement methods. Main outputs are pre- and feasibility studies, equipment performance reviews, design reviews, design rules & -tools for order based engineering, R&D or specific customer demands.

Mechanics and Magnetics

We are providing profound knowledge in magnetic and mechanical topics for medium and high voltage products. We solve complex technical challenges; support development projects with fundamental knowledge and competence. Further we provide consultancy for e.g. design or performance reviews in magnetic and mechanic field of application. We conduct performance studies in specific fields of application like mechanical stability including vibration and seismic events, noise emissions, prediction of losses, short circuit stresses, inrush and DC bias related effects, digital twin models for lifetime predictions.

  • Electromagnetic FEM Modelling
  • Specific FEM Tool development
  • Electromagnetic Materials
  • No Load, Load and additional Losses
  • Short Circuit Forces
  • Electromagnetic Shielding
  • DC Impact / GIC
  • Electromagnetic Network Calculation
  • Inrush behavior
  • Noises
  • Eigenmodes, Vibrations and seismic impact
  • Mechanical FEM Tool Development

Insulation and Special Solutions

Insulation performance is the life insurance of high voltage electrical equipment. We provide full fledged knowledge and competence in the field of insulation of electrical high voltage equipment, including deep dive competence in insulating material characteristics. Insulating design development, design reviews and design criteria determination are main competencies. Special consulting can be supplied for grid studies and simulations considering special equipment models in transient and very fast transient stress modes. In addition, we provide lifecycle assessment calculations, and is dealing with hazardous, prohibited materials as well as the recyclability of power engineering equipment in general.

Insulation Service
  • Dielectric material characterization
  • Determination of transformer design limits
  • Thermal ageing of insulation material
  • Dielectric failure analysis
  • Dielectric effects at pulse converter stresses
  • 2D & 3D FEM simulations (electrical field analysis)
  • Electrical endurance + lifetime approximation
  • Transient overvoltages & Very fast transient investigations
  • Advanced measurement techniques
  • Lifecycle-assessment calculations

Thermal Aspects

We provide advanced thermal modeling that calculates oil flow and temperatures in high- & medium voltage products. Thermal modelling is based on deep dive competence in equivalent thermal grid models and computational fluid dynamics. Thermal grids provide base of performance analytics of electrical equipment causing thermal losses. It is suitable for various fluids, enables accurate thermal performance analyses and covers all observed effects at ultra-low temperatures. Consultancy for thermal performance of electrical equipment, cooling performance or even the impact to the environment is part of the delivery scope. Further we can provide support for re-use of thermal losses and it’s impact to the carbon footprint of the equipment. 

  • Oil flow and temperatures in power transformers​ - transformer inner and outer cooling design
  • Steady state and transient thermal modelling for different fluids
  • Fluid dynamics, 2D and 3D CFD computation
  • Measurements and prototyping (transformer, radiators, fans etc.) including climate chamber tests
  • Special requests analysis - low temperature/cold start, heat recovery, thermal analysis of enclosures etc.


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