Simulation Service

We offer the possibility to simulate your ideas, products or processes. The realization of highly complex simulation tasks enables the development of powerful, cost-effective and future-oriented products.

Are you still testing or are you already simulating?

The following excerpt from our range of services shows the wide range of topics that we successfully use to support our customers' designs. All calculation tools have been successfully tested in practice and are kept up to date with the latest technology. We verify these methods by comparing them with test series. Depending on the task at hand, our simulation tools are used in a targeted manner, coupled with each other or extended on request. By realizing highly complex simulation tasks, we enable you to develop high-performance, cost-effective and future-oriented products. 

Which service are you interested in?

  • Flow simulation considering conduction, convection and thermal radiation with Ansys CFX
  • Calculation of complex three-dimensional geometry
  • Heat network method for fast calculation of transient component heating

  • Electrostatic field calculations
  • Calculation of transient DC fields considering nonlinear materials
  • Calculation of electromagnetic wave propagation
  • Transient short-circuit current for determination of resulting forces (current forces) Electrical power loss calculation (AC / DC)

  • Static analysis of steel structures
  • Deformation and stress analysis
  • Calculation of pressure vessels
  • Nonlinear contact simulation
  • Design of bolted joints
  • Design of drives and drive chains
  • Earthquake simulation according to current standards
  • Harmonic and modal analyses

  • Topology optimization

  • Complex evaluation of various physical quantities
  • Complete documentation and presentation of results

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