Experience enhanced efficiency with our customized compression service programs

Effectively managing your energy assets is vital to achieving a successful energy transition. To ensure the reliable and efficient operation of your assets throughout their entire lifespan, an effective maintenance strategy is essential. Our service programs, that may include digital transformation solutions such as remote support and operation, can help you stay competitive by reducing your operating costs and enhancing overall equipment performance.

We offer tailor-made service programs that enable our customers to focus more on their core business while we take care of your compression equipment needs.


Our long-term service programs are designed to meet the unique requirements of your compression equipment, including both turbo compressors and reciprocating compressors, ensuring optimal performance, increased reliability, and maximized production.

Our customizable service program options include:

  • 24/7 technical support for emergency troubleshooting and engineering assistance
  • Field service supervision and labour crews
  • Spare parts management and outage planning support
  • Remote diagnostic services for trouble shooting and recommendations
  • Preventative maintenance to minimize downtime
  • Corrective maintenance for maximized protection
  • Daily maintenance and operations for smooth operation
  • Support for auxiliary systems and other train components
  • Balance of plant equipment maintenance
  • Guarantees can be offered to protect your investment
  • Dedicated program manager as single point of contact
  • Residence engineer for daily onsite support
  • Control system and cybersecurity

Experience the benefits of our maintenance solutions

  • Rapid field service mobilization to your site
  • Optimized spare parts delivery time, inventory and cost
  • Risk-sharing through our guarantees and warranties
  • Daily monitoring to minimize unplanned shutdowns
  • OEM Expert technical support from our skilled engineers
  • Flexible terms with one-time negotiations
  • Tailored maintenance activities and schedules to suit your operations
  • Cost reduction and optimization of lifecycle costs
  • Increased reliability and availability of your equipment
  • Operating efficiency improvement and maximized production
  • Flexible plans that adapt to your changing needs

Our team of dedicated experts will work tirelessly to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of your machinery, maximizing your productivity while minimizing downtime.

Contact us today to learn more about our tailor-made maintenance plans and discover how we can help optimize the performance of your compression equipment.