Continuation of VIB3000 Platform Support

VIB3000 Hardware Platform and CM500 Vibroexpert software now with Siemens Energy

With Siemens Energy AG becoming independent from Siemens AG, the well-known vibration related portfolio around the VIB3000 hardware platform and the CM500 Vibroexpert software has become property of Siemens Energy AG.

The affected product portfolio comprises the following articles (MLFB numbers):

  • 6DL2300-xxxxx-xxxx -  VIB3000 Racks
  • 6DL2310-xxxxx-xxxx -  VIB310 Protection Module
  • 6DL4320-xxxxx-xxxx -  VIB320 Data Acquisition Module (dual buffer output)
  • 6DL4321-xxxxx-xxxx -  VIB321 Data Acquisition Module (add. 10 process signal inputs)
  • 6DL4330-xxxxx-xxxx -  VIB330 Analysis Module
  • 6DL4340-xxxxx-xxxx -  VIB340 Backplane
  • 6DL4316-xxxxx-xxxx -  VIB316 Output Module
  • 6DL93xx-xxxxx-xxxx -   VIB3000 Accessories
  • 6DU6000-xxxxx-xxxx -  Vibroexpert CM500 Vibration Analysis Software

We will maintain the high standard in customer experience that our customers are used to from Siemens AG.

So, the shortest and hopefully most convenient way for our customers to place orders for new VIB3000 racks, spare parts and CM500 Vibroexpert software is to send an email to:

Of course, you can email us with any other question or request as well!