Enhanced Dry Low Emissions upgrade

Sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint is a key driver for us all, therefore Siemens Energy is committed to supporting customers in their energy transition journey.

With new targets being set on emissions through both legislation and company policy, Siemens Energy is pleased to be able to offer an evolution of the current reliable DLE system to reduce harmful emissions. Our Enhanced Dry Low Emissions solution is a method of reducing emissions of Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) from the gas turbine without utilizing steam or water injection. Additional benefits can also be achieved for units fitted with bleed control (BOV’s) and that run on flexible or part load with reductions in both fuel burn and in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) generated.

Product Overview

Enhanced dry low emission is a retrofit solution that supplies key emission reduction technology which meets current and anticipated emission legislations. The Enhanced DLE solution offers ≤ 9 ppmvd NOx and ≤ 9 ppmvd CO capability.

An E-DLE upgrade can comprises of:

  • Exchanging of the core (gas generator only) from DLE to Enhanced DLE, via a Service Exchange Customer Overhaul.
  • Modifications to the gas fuel system.
  • Associated control system updates to reflect changes of controls parameters from DLE to Enhanced DLE.
SGT 400
  • Reduced NOx down to ≤ 9 ppmvd
  • Reduced CO down to ≤ 9 ppmvd
  • Reduced CO2 and fuel burn at flexible and part load operations down to 30% load (bleed control i.e.BOV's must be present).Will avoid gas recirculation on the driven compressor.
  • The Enhanced DLE combustor will enable operators to comply with local permit requirements without need for additional control technologies such as Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
  • Potential for immediate or future reductions in carbon taxes (country specific considerations)
  • Customers or who own and operate an SGT-400 with gas fuel only configuration.
  • Customers or operators who are looking to take steps to comply with either current or future pending emission legislation in terms of reducing their NOx and CO emissions level or taking proactive steps to reduce their emissions footprint.
  • Customers who operate on a flexible or part load profile (who have bleed control, i.e. BOV's) could benefit from reduced fuel burn and associated reductions in CO2 levels.
  • Implementation of the Enhanced DLE solution is highly recommended at a major inspection.
  • Incorporating the Enhanced DLE solution in addition to already planned work, will maximize the benefit of this upgrade by minimizing unit down time.

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