Emission Control Trim

Addressing the rising environmental requirements to control emissions whilst meeting the electrical power demand has always been a priority for Siemens Energy. Along with variations in the electricity demand, the need for flexible operation capability while retaining lowest possible emissions at all power output ranges increases. Siemens Energy is pleased to offer the product Emission Control Trim, which is based upon Siemens Energy patented combustion technology. This is a step forward to achieve low NOx emissions at wider load range on annual basis. Emission Control Trim is now available for all SGT-700 models and SGT-600A2 with 3rd generation DLE.

Product Overview

The technology is built to ensure that the engine will operate at emission-compliant levels while maintaining high combustion stability over a wide load range. It has an adaptive PFR (Pilot Fuel Ratio) to optimize the NOx emission levels at any load point along with remote combustion support using FFT data.

The histograms are illustrating potential differences, with and without Emission Control Trim. The histograms at the left are collected values from SGT-600 and whereas on right the values are collected from SGT-700. NOx reduction based on ISO conditions and an installation with maximum allowed NOx, 15 ppmv

  • Reduces the NOx emissions up to 25% on annual basis, resulting in less operating cost for Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
  • Maintains high combustion stability considering different ambient conditions all year round
  • Improves the possibility for remote support on combustion tuning, meaning reduced personnel to site for future inspections
  • Easy to implement at site, even during any minor schedu­­led inspection
  • Any sites looking to operate with the lowest possible NOx emission level while maintaining high combustion stability
  • Any customer looking for extended, faster, and improved remote support for combustion tuning
  • Any installations where local emission regulations are challenging future operations
  • Any sites that need to operate with stable NOx emission over a wider load range and ambient conditions
  • Implementation of Emission Control Trim can be done during any planned inspection when down time is anticipated and planned, even during minor inspections. The estimated time at site is 2 days including tuning
  • A well-functioning remote connection is highly recommended, where combustion tuning can also be performed remotely
  • All installation and commissioning work will be carried out by Siemens Energy qualified Field Service Engineers

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Support Services and Implementation

Please contact your Siemens Energy Sales Representative for further information or email mgtupgrades@siemens-energy.com