Hydrogen Retrofit Capability

Gas turbines have an important role to play in the energy transition by ensuring a reliable power supply by decarbonizing the energy production through operation on low-carbon fuels such as hydrogen-rich fuels. Hydrogen sources include refinery/industry process by-products and production via electrolysis from renewable electricity or steam methane reforming from natural gas with carbon capture. Based on our innovative technologies, Siemens Energy gas turbines can already operate on fuel with a wide range of hydrogen content.

Product Overview

The solution is built on an evolutionary improvement by steady increase of H2-capabilities based on the unique 3rd generation DLE (Dry Low Emission) burner design. Modification package is optimized to customer installation and required level of H2 (stepwise scope increase H2-level up to 75 vol%)

GT Hydrogen Capability

Calculate your carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction and cost-saving potential by running your gas turbine fully or partially on Hydrogen

  • Increased H2-capabilities based on the unique 3rd generation DLE burner design
  • Reduced carbon foot print and cost
  • Meet market sustainability expectations and requirements
  • Utilization of available off-gas from e.g. a refinery or chemical plant and saving on natural gas      
  • Storage of excess renewable energy as H2 for utilization at a time where power demand is higher (usually referred to as Power-2-X). The benefits are both environmental and economical
  • Implementation with minimal disruption to operation, especially if performed together with an inspection

This service product is available for gas turbines which are equipped with 3rd generation DLE burner (SGT-600, SGT-700 and SGT-800)

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Support Services and Implementation

Please contact your Siemens Energy Sales Representative for further information or email greenfuelgt@siemens-energy.com