Preventive Maintenance for I&C

Preventive maintenance: preserve availability at low cost

Power plants can only operate reliably in the long term if all of their various systems work together smoothly: only this way, unplanned outages can be avoided. Central to ensuring this kind of consistently smooth interaction is preventive maintenance.

Siemens Energy provides a comprehensive range of preventive maintenance services for power plant electrical and I&C systems. Our regular inspections as part of periodic plant maintenance activities, clever spare parts concepts, long-term solutions to extend service life and our intelligent diagnostics solutions bring a genuinely preventive element to plant maintenance and detect faults before they can trigger costly failures.

Our preventive maintenance always also includes efficiency-boosting features for optimal plant operation with life cycle maintenance costs minimized. We help operators to safeguard long-term power plant availability while simultaneously saving money on plant maintenance.

Your benefits:

  • Unplanned outages avoided
  • Greater flexibility in scheduling repairs
  • Reduced plant maintenance costs
  • Freedom to concentrate on essential works
  • Faster identification of the causes of irregularities

Time-based Maintenance: Regular maintenance to a set schedule

Regular inspection and maintenance of electrical and I&C systems

Scheduled periodic maintenance of electrical and I&C systems is vital to avoid power plant outages and the associated high costs. It makes sense to coordinate the inspection of all maintenance groups so as to avoid extended shutdowns and to plan time-based maintenance activities to minimize costs.

Siemens Energy assumes responsibility for the planning, coordination and performance of time-based maintenance. We carry out the inspection and maintenance of electrical and I&C system components while your turbines are being overhauled to make optimal use of downtime and keep maintenance costs to a minimum.

Our position as an OEM means we have all of the expertise necessary for the inspection and maintenance of our I&C systems including field devices and our own as well as third-party electrical components. In addition to performing cyclical inspections on your electrical and I&C systems, we carry out routine checks using our remote services technology to verify the condition of your plant in operation. The time-based maintenance service also includes maintenance management with the SPPA-M3000 Energy Management Suite.

Your benefits:

  • Perfect coordination of all maintenance activities for assured availability and cost savings
  • Fast commissioning after overhauls
  • Experienced, qualified staff from the manufacturer
  • Reliable and readily accessible information about time-based maintenance

Lifetime Support: Long-term service and maintenance agreements for I&C systems

Product support for maximum profitability throughout the entire life cycle

The ability to plan reliably for all power plant assets is vital in the face of ever tougher competition. The expected useful life of major mechanical items is generally greater than that of I&C systems, which are subject to shorter innovation cycles. Strategic lifetime support for I&C technology is thus essential if optimal use is to be made of the systems in place over the long term.

A system manufacturer itself, Siemens Energy offers tailored long-term service and system maintenance contracts providing lifetime support for your I&C systems throughout the life of your plant so that you can permanently maximize your profitability. All long-term agreements are always individually matched to the relevant market situation and the specific remaining life of your plant.

Software maintenance contracts

Our lifetime support for current I&C technology generations (Omnivise T3000 and SPPA- T2000) includes system maintenance contracts incorporating cyber security checks and enhancements, update information service, software updates and malware protection to provide assured long-term plant security and availability. 

Maximum long-term security for systems and operation 

Today's I&C systems are ever more tightly integrated and often use standardized platforms from the IT sector. Given the increasing frequency of cyber attacks, it is very important to obtain a precise picture of the cyber security level of the plant and its I&C systems so that protective measures can be defined and implemented to remedy any deficiencies detected. Plant availability must be the top priority here.

Trojans, spyware, viruses: the experience we have gained as the market leader from our hundreds of plants in operation puts us in the ideal position to tackle your security threats. We draw on this experience to develop cyber security solutions and assist you with all software and IT security measures over the entire lifetime of your power plant.

Siemens Energy Security Analysis , for example, are a holistic, modular examination of potential security gaps based on established cyber security standards.

Another important cyber security measure is malware protection, which helps to make certain that secure I&C systems stay that way. Updates are accordingly issued at defined intervals either for automated delivery via the Siemens Energy Remote Service Platform or for manual download via the Siemens Energy Customer Portal. The timing of updates is freely configurable.

Your benefits:

  • Lifetime protection against virus, Trojan and spyware attacks
  • Lower costs through avoidance of unnecessary repairs
  • Enhanced availability through avoidance of outages caused by malware

Software maintenance contracts

Our lifetime support for current I&C technology generations (Omnivise T3000 and SPPA- T2000) includes system maintenance contracts incorporating cyber security checks and enhancements, update information service, software updates and malware protection to provide assured long-term plant security and availability. 

Lifetime extension agreements for TELEPERM ME

The TELEPERM ME I&C system was shipped from approx. 1982 until 2000. A lifetime extension contract with Siemens Energy gives users unlimited lifetime support up until 2018. 

Your benefits:

  • Reduced life cycle costs
  • Optimal safeguarding of plant availability
  • Protection against threats from cyberspace
  • Effective long-term cost forecasting thanks to reliable system and component availability planning

Flexible long-term support for a widely trusted system

TELEPERM ME automation systems are noted for their reliability and proven quality. Products from the TELEPERM ME line were shipped from approx. 1982 until 2000 and this sophisticated system soon became a mainstay for power plant operators around the world. The discontinuation of the system left power plant operators with a dilemma: last-time buy, modernization or lifetime extension (LTE).

Siemens Energy offers TELEPERM-ME users a particularly cost-effective and flexible solution for lifetime extension: TELEPERM ME users are able to arrange customized lifetime extension contracts as part of a scalable plant modernization concept. This arrangement ensures that repairs, spare parts and support are available up to the end of the agreement.

All LTE customers receive fixed price commitments for spare parts and repairs, with a maximum annual rate of increase of five percent. The lifetime extension contract thus enables all TELEPERM ME automation system users to enjoy safe, reliable and cost-effective operation through to 2018. Lifetime extension customers can count on the long-term support and expertise of Siemens Energy.

Your benefits:

  • Cost-effective strategy to extend the service life of TELEPERM ME through to 2018
  • Continued full manufacturer support for flexible safeguarding of plant operation
  • Reliable planning thanks to known costs of spares and repairs

Spare Parts Concepts: Contractually agreed spare parts supply

Spare parts supply for assured long-term plant operation

Power plants can operate profitably for many years – in fact their profitable service life can extend far beyond the amortization period. Problems with the spare parts supply, however, can quickly place their continued economic operation in jeopardy. Many operators choose to address the need to prevent breaks in production and maintain spare parts supplies by creating their own extensive – and expensive – spare parts stockpiles, but there is a better way.

Siemens Energy possesses deep expertise in all areas of relevance to electrical, instrumentation and I&C systems. Our status as an OEM puts us in a position to ensure the spare parts supply with original or compatible components over a very long period and our lifetime extension solutions allow operators to minimize risks to availability even in the case of discontinued systems. Thus, Siemens Energy offers power plant operators spare parts concepts specifically tailored to the lifetime and requirements of their plants long before any threat of shutdown looms.

Our expertise in spare parts logistics, moreover, enables us to deliver all available spare parts quickly and reliably anywhere in the world. Our spare parts concepts embody the principle of "as much as necessary, as little as possible", which means that only strategically important spare parts are kept in the on-site store. All other original or functionally compatible spare parts are shipped in as quickly and as easily as required. This stocking concept renders the entire spare parts supply process economic in the long term. Customized spare parts concepts, for example incorporating a warranty extension or similar, can be agreed upon on request, as can the repair and replacement of all spare parts by our global service team.

Your benefits:

  • Extended economic life of your plant
  • Optimal cost-efficiency in spare parts supply
  • Spare parts concepts minimize capital lockup, including for storage and stores management
  • Long-term reliability for cost planning reduces financial risks