Onsite Repair Service

Our service promise to you

Over the years we've built up an extensive and innovative expertise in technologies such as welding, coating, onsite CNC, robotics and state-of-the-art non-destructive testing. All this has been developed with one aim: to enable our highly skilled and experienced professionals to test, repair and refurbish the widest variety of complex components and materials used in the energy sector - for all customers, wherever they may be. We support all types of businesses worldwide with innovative and premium-quality field service solutions. Our wide range of mobile service solutions includes maintenance, repairs, replacements, refurbishments and upgrades of components, as well as technical education training for every need. Our mobile equipment makes us highly flexible and quickly available anytime and anywhere. Siemens Energy Onsite Repair Service serves all industries with the latest technologies and solutions.

Insight Technologies

We offer technologies fitting to your business. Depending on your type of business we can provide you with the right technology. Siemens Energy Onsite Repair Service offers a wide and comprehensive set of technologies and onsite solutions for your industry.

Non-Destructive visual testing with robots

The visual inspection robot (VIR) allows non-destructive, visual testing of components and equipment without the need to disassemble them.


2023-06-01 (DE)
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