ROMS – Remote Operation & Maintenance Support

Total Plant Operation Expertise – anytime and anywhere

Gas turbine-driven power plants are complex systems and operation can be challenging for the crew, especially when trouble occurs. What if you could get 24/7 support from an expert team with extensive know-how of total plant operation and troubleshooting? Siemens Energy Remote Experts will help you stay online or quickly get you back on the grid.

Find out how ROMS supports your operation

Siemens Energy Remote Support Center

Siemens Energy Remote Support Center

ROMS key benefits

Speed: Faster troubleshooting

  • Immediate access to all data in T3000 – real time
  • See what operator sees at the same moment
  • Access to functional drawings, including dynamization

Safety: Compliant with cybersecurity standards

  • ISO 27001 certified (IT and information security)
  • Read-only access
  • Proven remote connection via Siemens cRSP

Target customers

  • Large gas-fired plants
  • Siemens turbines
  • Open and Combined cycle
Combined cycle or open cycle power plant

Combined cycle or open cycle power plant

Solutions for various operator demands

  • Basic: Case by case 24/7 hotline for occasional use
  • Advanced: Flat rate 24/7 hotline for frequent use
  • Premium: Add-on for proactive online backing of operator


Both packages provide on-call support for issues during daily operation of the entire power plant. Customer's operator can call the Remote Center for support.

Remote Support Expert gives advice to customer's on-site operator.

Customer's on-site operator transfers advice into local action.



  • When called by the customer, Remote Expert will connect to T3000 - DCS via remote access (read-only) over secure cRSP connection to have same view as on-site operator in real time.
  • Audio and video connection is set up with on-site operator by use of Connected Worker which optional in scope.
  • 1st level analysis of issues and problem solving starts.
  • 2nd level expertise will be involved on demand.

  • Fastest way to troubleshoot problems in entire plant operations
  • Accelerated solving of issues increases reliability of plant
  • Supplement of on site know-how for safe and reliable operation
  • Expert opinion on plant status
  • Exclusive access to Siemens O&M and Engineering know-how
  • Two payment models to cover different support demand


This package provides proactive on-line backing of the plant operator on site. Can be booked on demand in addition to a Basic or Advanced Package.

A Siemens Remote Expert is permanently connected to the plant to monitor and assist operation, especially startups, shutdowns, load changes, and non-daily operation.

Helps also to ensure operation after long outages, after implementation of technical changes in critical systems and for training of new operators.



  • Always connected to control system via T3000 - DCS remote access (read-only) over secure cRSP connection to have same view as on-site operator.
  • Plant operator can immediately connect to the Siemens Remote Experts in case of questions.
  • Carefully observing the correct and safe operation of the plant and contacting the plant operator immediately when action is needed from Remote Expert's perspective, to avoid impact on the power plant production.
  • Any issue detected will be immediately (online) advised to the customer’s operator(s) for taking fast action.

  • Smooth operation in challenging phases due to online backing
  • Immediate reaction / problem solving increases availability of plant
  • Supplement of on-site know-how for safe and reliable operation
  • Online expert opinion of plant status
  • Easy to add on demand in addition to other existing packages 

A long track record of succesful support cases

  • GT turbine outlet thermocouples were exchanged and recalibrated on site, which lead to a different OTC value measurement and combustion problems – OTC increased to stabilize combustion
  • CCPP Power Plant in Europe

  • Fluctuations of gas temperature prevented the temperature setpoint from being reached, causing efficiency losses. Software logic modification implemented
  • CCPP Power Plant in Europe

  • GT not able to increase load after synchronization. Troubleshooting and modification in process logic
  • CCPP Power Plant in Asia

  • Plant trip due to deaerator malfunction. Troubleshooting and correction of software settings
  • CCPP Power Plant in Asia

  • Support of local personnel during the entire startup process. Assistance and recommendations given for successful start
  • CCPP Power Plant in Asia

  • Readjustment of GT startup after several trips due to too high OTC
  • Open Cycle Power Plant in Middle East

  • Troubleshooting and correction of process logic
  • CCPP Power Plant in Middle East

Value Proposition

Fast Emergency Response


  • Remote Experts can directly start communicating with on-site operators to manage emergencies as they can see what the operator sees on his controls
  • Saves time and costs and speeds up the process to get back on the grid 

Increase reliability and reduce risks caused by operation

  • Avoid penalty payments to grid operator for not meeting contractual obligations
  • Avoid unwanted shutdowns caused by operational issues
  • Avoid equipment damage caused by unfavorable operation

Flexibility in provisioning of qualified staff for plant operation 

  • Use Siemens remote expertise on demand instead of staffing own highly skilled experts
  • Get faster access to OEM know-how instead of flying in experts
  • Remote assistance and on-the-job training for your operation staff, e.g. for beginners or after major changes in plant

Keep plant up and running under difficult security conditions

  • In case of armed conflicts, pandemics, etc., Remote Experts can step in for specific tasks
  • Remote Experts will advise remaining on-site staff for safe operation of plant

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