Remote Witness Test for SGT-100 to SGT-400 and TB Fleet

The customer witness test is a key stage in the testing and acceptance of new or overhauled gas generators or power turbines. This solution allows multiple parties to be involved and feed into the final factory testing of the unit before it is shipped to site.

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Product Overview

The Remote Customer Witness Test gives the flexibility for the witness test to be viewed from multiple locations around the world while maintaining the interaction and benefits of attending the test in person. With the advanced communication equipment in our pool of testing bays, customers can view the running of their unit for the first time with the ability to access live camera feeds, trending, controls mimics, and data analytics.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexibility – View the testing of your equipment from the comfort of a location that works for you.
  • Cost savings – With this additional functionality, there’s no need to spend valuable time away from your site/operations. This, along with the reduction or eradication of travel costs, means considerable savings can be achieved by opting for the Remote Customer Witness Test.
  • Sustainability – With the reduction or eradication of travel, we can reduce the effects on the environment.


Additional features - With the hybrid option, attendees can still attend the test in person and include key individuals from anywhere in the world leading to even greater flexibility and functionality.


  • Available on all SGT-100, SGT-200, SGT-300 & SGT-400 plus TB units.
  • Applicable for both 1S and 2S single and double shaft configurations.