SGT-400 Power Upgrade

The SGT-400 is a twin-shaft gas turbine available in different configurations and power ratings to support power generation and mechanical drive applications. The gas turbine offers the highest efficiency in its power class, incorporating the latest aerodynamic and combustion technologies. Since its introduction at 13 MW in 2001, Siemens Energy has been working with our customers and R&D experts to keep the SGT-400 at an industry-leading level of expertise. The 15 MW rating of the SGT-400 has been available to new customers since 2011, and this upgrade package is now available for existing customers to bring their assets to the leading edge of technology.

Product Overview

The power upgrade is generated by the changes in the compressor section to accommodate higher mass flow through the core. With the following key principles:

  • This upgrade is built on accumulated operating experience of the SGT-400 13MW since 2001 and the 15MW since 2011
  • This retrofit yielded a power upgrade between 0.6 and 1.5MWe. In general, the capacity of the customers AC Generator governs the specific upgrade power achievable. The exact increase in performance and work scope is required on a case-by-case basis.
  • The 15MW core engine can be retrofitted into existing 13MW package as it retains common interfaces. (service exchange)

SGT 400
  • Increased Power Output (MWe), pre-studies revealed scenarios of between 0.6MWe and 1.5MWe based on ISO conditions (limited by the capability of the driven unit).
  • Potential reduction in the need to import extra power during periods of higher power demand, typically when operating for long periods at high ambient conditions.
  • Potential reduction in number of operating engines in an N+1 and N+2 situation, where a 2nd or 3rd unit may go from lower efficiency, part load, part hours, to a standby unit. This scenario results in higher efficiency and reduced fuel burn.
  • In a multiple unit scenario, the SGT-400 Power Upgrade can deliver the efficiency increases identified above, but also key sustainability benefits, with a reduction in CO2, emissions and assisting customers with overall decarbonization of their processes.
  • The upgrade can be planned during part of a major outage and therefore reduced impact to downtime when a “C” type inspection was already planned.
  • Customers or operators require more power, who own and operate an SGT-400 13MW.
  • Customers or operators within the mechanical drive application setting who are considering their overall plant performance i.e., compressor re-bundling. Siemens Energy can support with an engineering study, evaluation of the GT element.
  • Any sites looking to retain the bulk of their balance of plant, including the original package, and receive an increase to power output.
  • Any installations where the SGT-400 operates for long periods at high ambient temperatures and where electrical demand increases during the summer (the need to import extra power being minimized). The power upgrade also enables operators to retain constant power into higher ambient conditions.
  • Generator sets within the oil and gas industry where power is shared by multiple units operating at part load. An increase in power may provide opportunity to run fewer machines but at a higher power to meet demand. This will improve overall efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions and reduce fuel burn
  • Implementation of the SGT-400 Power Upgrade is highly recommended at a major inspection, such as a “B” type on the Gas Generator or ideally a “C” type by Service Exchange, where downtime is anticipated and planned.
  • To incorporate this power upgrade in addition to already planned work-scope, will maximize the benefits of this upgrade by minimizing unit down time.
  • It is recommended to plan for this upgrade at least 1 year prior to your next “B” or “C” type Inspection

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